Monday, September 28, 2009

Yay me!

I actually got my Fall/Halloween stuff set out before the middle of October this year!

I like seasonal and holiday decor to stay up as long as possible so it can be thoroughly enjoyed. However, except for Christmas, I usually lag behind until I only get 1-2 weeks of enjoyment before it needs to come down.

Now, we get to have fun with the Halloween stuff the whole month and then just take down a few things and keep enjoying the rest until Thanksgiving!

I just need to deal with costumes and we will be set.

Goodwill here I come!

I always make sure we have our Christmas stuff up, whether it is my full-blown version or my minimalist version from last year, from Thanksgiving through New Year. The minimalist version really worked last year and I think I will go that route again!

Hopefully, I can stay ahead of myself through Easter 2010!!

A girl can dream!!


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