Friday, September 18, 2009

Groooowing, I do it!

4-month letter

Hi Everyone!

Gee, time flies!! Mommy had to do a double blink when she looked at the calendar the other day! But I guess it is true, I am 4 months old now!!

We are staying busy around here! I help Mommy take the kids to school 3 days a week and then we hang out at the house until we pick up L at 12:30. During our morning rides, I love to sing and talk along with A and L. On the other 2 days, Mommy and I are the first ones out the door as we head over to Aunt J's house. Mommy told me the other day that she is so thankful I wake up happy because it makes her mornings easier! I do my best!!

On my days at home, I like to help Mommy exercise, clean the house, or do laundry. Basically, I just supervise but it is an important job and someone has to do it! Mommy and I have lots of playtime together before I take my morning nap. I like to rest up so I have lots of energy to play with L when he gets home! Usually, I take an afternoon nap so I can be all smiles for sister when she gets home later.

I am the perfect baby at Aunt J's house! Or at least that is what I overheard her tell Mommy the other day. One of the girl's is younger than me and she just eats and cries. The other girl is older than me and we like to hang out together, playing and chatting during the day. I am smiling when Mommy leaves and when she gets back to pick me up. I know that makes her feel better about not being with me those days.

I am perfecting some of my skills. Besides being a master drooler, I am working on becoming an expert taste-tester! I love to put my toys in my mouth and go gnaw-crazy! With everyone's help, I have even tasted my toes a few times, but I still prefer my hands and toys.

Remember how I mentioned that I could flip over from my tummy? Yay, well that is sooo yesterday! Sure, flipping from my tummy to my back is cool and all, but it is much easier to get in on all the action now that I can flip from my back to my tummy! Sometimes, I like to flip back and forth several times just for fun! It keeps 'em guessing when they turn their back.

I am getting really good at reaching out for faces or toys. If you are lucky, I might even mistake you for a toy and plant a big wet one on your face! It makes me laugh! I also giggle when you tickle my face with my toes or lift me high in the air. Mommy says she loves my big grin when I laugh! I can't remember if I mentioned my love of books yet. If you read to me and show me the pictures, I get pretty excited. I really like to talk about the story with you.

Like I said, I like action, so that is why I am practicing my two-arm belly pulls. If you tempt me with a cool toy, I can make it a few inches before I get tired. Sometimes my arm gets stuck under me, but that is always a good time for a flip! I am not really into sitting up yet because it is pretty hard work, but I still let Mommy help me practice just to make her happy. I can balance in sitting for a second, but that is only in my bending-dog yoga position. At least I can lick my toes while I am down there!

I am still healthy and growing! I go to the doctor at the end of the month, so I will have updates for you in October!

Enjoy the pictures!


People either state who they think B looks like or they ask me what I think. It's a tough call because they all three have such similar features that they just look like each other. Of course, they each have their own look, but they certainly can't be mistaken for anyone other than siblings! For me, I think B and A more closely resemble each other at this point, but B and L look a lot alike with certain expressions! Who knows!

I thought I would pull up some photos of all three and let you have fun with it!





3 months

B and sister compare

B and brother compare

(sorry for the required head tilt here. forgot to take time to rotate!)

More B and brother compare

(this was L and his cousin at about 2 months and 1 month respectively. i miss those sweet little leg rolls and double chin!)

A few more of B's 3-month pictures

I bet these two will have a special bond!

Anatomy of falling!

Big brother really helps me out when I need a break from the action!

What is that Mommy? You are praying for no teeth yet?! Come on!

Happy baby!

Cleaning between the toes

Can't a guy get a little privacy in the tub?!



Kimmy said...

Thanks for the update! I think you're right . . . all three kids resemble each other, but they all have their own look too. But does it really matter? They are ALL ADORABLE!

Someone Being Me said...

So adorable!

Rachel said...


Lori ~ The Simple Life at Home said...

What a beautiful family you have, Stacy. The baby is gorgeous and your older kids are so obviously in love with him!

Anonymous said...

They look just alike in the first 3!! They all do favor a lot, but have their own distinct looks! They are beautiful. Of course, I don't have to tell you that, do i?! :)

Mommy Cracked said...

My word, he certainly is getting so big! Sounds like you have a real sweetie on your hands!