Friday, September 25, 2009

At least some things in life are free

Did I ever tell you about winning a free bottle of ALL laundry detergent from my friend Bee?


That's what I thought! Shame on me!

Well, I did!

So I picked out a bottle of the free & clear version and have been washing away.

Good thing it was free because I will probably use it all today as I wash wet sheets ~sigh~ and throw up towels.


I had a hurler last night.

My sweet girl had an episode around 2 AM and 3 AM. Episode #1 made onto her bed and carpet. B had fallen asleep early last night due to not napping well during the day, so he had woken up early for his once-a-night snack and I happened to be feeding him at the exact moment she called for me. Lucky for me, he was in a playful mood and was happy to squirm on the floor while I helped her shower and get settled on my floor.

With towels and trashcan secured next to her.

It wasn't long before she had episode #2, but thankfully, she made it to the bathroom.

The rest of our night was uneventful, so this morning I just took L to school and she is resting on the couch for the day.

While I do laundry and disinfect stuff!

So, I am completely thankful for free laundry detergent!

Sadly, there is a cost to this story.

I had planned to meet a friend from the big city halfway for lunch. It won't be a problem to reschedule, but it was much needed.

I am more sad for A because she was to attend a birthday slumber party tonight. She had looked forward to it for 2 weeks. Swimming, eating, giggling, oh and the girl has an elevator in her house! I think A might try to pull the "I feel better" card later today, so I will end up being the bad Mommy for sure.

I am hoping with lots of hand washing and creating a barrier around A, the rest of us can avoid the plague.

And in case you are wondering why there is no mention of husband jumping to my rescue last night, well, he was snuggled in his luxury hotel bed in the big city as he has a meeting today.

But never fear, he had his own excitement yesterday. His meeting happened to be next door to this.

Off to claim my Laundry Queen title!



Kimmy said...

Doesn't sound like a very fun night. I'll be praying that the rest of your household doesn't catch the bug.

Mommy Cracked said...

Ughh...clean up duty from puke fests is no fun. I hope she is much better by now.

Anonymous said...

I marked this to come back & comment because my computer was all kinds of wacky, but then I went and got all homeless. So here I am to say Congrats on winning & I'm so glad your detergent was put to good use!