Monday, September 7, 2009

Do as I say, not as I do

I have said it a million times since bringing B home!

Wash your hands. Have you washed your hands? Are your hands clean?

I tripled my efforts once school started!

I know that with two big kids in school, the odds might not be in our favor to keep sickness out of the house. To keep little man from getting anything yucky too soon!

Guess who brought the first round of yuck home?



True, I could have picked it up anywhere, but working with kids means the odds are I caught a bug from one of them. My first day back, I encountered several snotty-nosed kids! I washed. I squirted anti-bacterial liberally. I washed again!

Friday afternoon, I felt the weirdness in my nose and eyes. It escalated and de-escalated quickly over the course of the weekend. Thank goodness it was a mild version!! Hopefully, thanks to my quick efforts with the netipot, vaporizing, lots of vitamin C, and some mild drugs, I sent my cold on its way without infecting anyone else. I upheld my basic baby responsibilities, but tried to be hands-off (while others were more hands-on) the baby as much as possible.

I pray it worked!

The bummer is that I have been ingesting healthy shakes, and the kids and I have been doing our daily vitamin C megadoses, but it still sneaked in.

The kids and I have not partaken of flu shots the last few years, but I feel that we might need to do so this year to keep the sweet baby as protected as possible.

Any thoughts?



Mommy Cracked said...

Oh goodness. I'm sorry you brought home the yucks. we had it this past week, too. Our son's teacher warned us it was going around, and sure enough...we were the lucky recipients!

As for the shots...I am so torn, so I am of no good advice. We've never taken the flu shots before, but like you, we're considering it.

Feel better soon!

Kimmy said...

I hope you feel better soon and that others in your household don't contract your illness. Regarding the flu shot, I'm really torn on it. I myself have never taken one, but my husband did once and that winter he was more sick than he ever has been before. Coincidence? Maybe. But for him, in the end, the flu shot did nothing to help.

Cara said...

Shots.. They're likely to actually lower their immune system. I'll try to explain in less than 1000 words.

The viruses in the vaccines are a 'guess' at what will come this year. 9/10 times they guess wrong (because viruses mutate or don't move how they were expecting). Because vaccines work by giving you a little dose of a virus, then your body has practice fighting that virus off so that it's ready if something bigger comes. The problem with when your immune system is busy working on 15 strands of flu, something else *real* can sneak in and get you sick easier, since the immune system is already multitasking.

Getting good sleep, eating well (within reason, no need to be perfect), and hand washing are the best, I think. Oh, and breastfeeding! You're pumping for when you're at work, right? If so, it's *good* that you got sick first, because for sure baby will get the antibodies to help him.

Stepping down off soap box ;)