Wednesday, September 30, 2009

For me

Right now, I am sitting in a perfect moment.

The kind of moment that I would capture with my camera, except for the fact that it is out of even fingertip reach.

And attempting to reach for my camera would totally change the moment.

So instead, I sit here. Very still. Typing with swift fingers but stiff arms. As to not disturb my moment. And in the same breath, so as not to forget.

His moment.

He fell asleep nursing.

He is here in my lap. On a cushion. Bare-bellied. Eyes closed. Mouth open. Lips perfectly posed to create that beautiful upside-down heart shape. Right hand is resting softly on his chest. Breathing is soft with an occasional shudder breath. A cheek quivers causing a faint smile to cross his mouth. His bright eyes rest behind his relaxed eyelids. The same eyelids that are trimmed with long, delicate lashes. His brow without furrow. His eyebrow unraised.

Despite all the wonderful changes he is making each day, it is in this moment, that I see my sweet baby.

Just being.

In the moment.



Kimmy said...

This was such a beautiful post. When you write stuff like that it really makes me second-guess our decision to put an end to the baby train! I'm glad you're enjoying him. He is precious.

Jennifer said...

I love those moments!

Cyndy said...

What a beautiful picture you just painted with your words! Love it!

Cara said...

That is so sweet. I can just see him.