Wednesday, September 9, 2009

3 months is so yesterday!

Since B turned 4 months last week and I just sent out his 4-month letter today, I guess I should probably catch up here too!

I thought it would be fun to include the monthly letter I send to family. I started this with my daughter. Each month, I would send an update along with pictures. By mail! Yep! I would type and print the letters, develop a few pictures, and send them along. I usually do it each month until they are 1 year. They change so much that first year, it is fun to have them to look back. This time around, I am giving in to technology and sending the letter via email with pictures attached! I think I may go back and add the previous letters to my monthly picture posts. Just for posterity.

Hi Everyone!

I am 3+ months now! Mommy has been busy getting everyone ready to go back to school and work, so we are just now getting to my monthly update.

As usual, things are never boring around here with A and L to entertain me! One of my favorite things to do is to sit in sister's pink chair and watch Mommy and the kids play, clean, or dance in A's room. I've been known to start talking or singing quite a bit during all the commotion!! A is teaching me how to dance and L always makes me smile with his airplane noises!

I LOVE my hands! They taste so good. Sometimes I nibble on a few fingers, but I can also get most of my fist in my mouth too! Of course, nothing beats a good pacifier when I am cranky or tired and ready to sleep. Speaking of sleep, I am working on getting used to the full bassinet instead of just my basket. There is so much room that I tend to wiggle myself awake sometimes, but I still usually sleep through most of the night.

I am learning how to hold onto my play rings with each hand and even put my hands together sometimes. I love to watch the mobile on my car seat and now I have a floor mat with some hanging animals. They are good listeners when I want to chat! I enjoy playing while on my tummy, but don't blink, I might flip over to my back if you do! That's right, I have officially flipped over several times now! Even if I don't make it over, I usually end up far from my starting point as I busily inch and scooch with my arms and legs. It's fun! The other fun thing I enjoy is "reading". I love someone to read to me as I look at the pictures. I can get pretty excited sometimes!

July was a VERY busy month for me! Mommy took us kids to spend 6 days in Oklahoma visiting family and Mommy's friends. At the end of July, we spent the night at a hotel so Daddy could take A and L to a Texas Ranger baseball game. The next day, they toured the new Cowboy stadium while Mommy and I "toured" Target. The first week of August, Mommy took us kids again to spend 3 days in Dallas visiting friends.


The kids go back to school next Monday and it will sure be quiet around here most of the time. A will be gone every day, but L will be home with me M/W/F after 12 noon. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, my Aunt J (Gigi's sister) will take care of me while Mommy works. She loves babies and I will have two girl babies to play with while I am there. I bet Mommy will miss me though!

Mommy took me and the big kids for pictures last week and we hope to share them soon! Nobody could get me to flash my famous grin, but I still looked pretty cute and was super cooperative!

I go back to the doctor in September. I will let you know how much I have grown after my visit!

I attached some pictures so you can see how big I am getting!



Learning new tricks is hard work!

Playing with my peeps!

Catching up on my reading!

I love my fish book!


A new friend

Really, it tastes just like chicken!



Someone Being Me said...

Too cute. Bear has that fish book too. He loves it.

Cindy said...

Awww... that's such a sweet idea. Loved that the letter was from his perspective. He's growing too fast!

Anonymous said...

Ok, can I just tell you that my in-laws probably wish their son had married you! I can't believe you go to all that trouble! You're awesome!

And, B.... what a cutie! I can't believe how big he is!