Saturday, September 6, 2008

Open a window because I am about to vent

I am feeling better.

Today, I think I finally rid myself of the crud that continued to refill the cavity behind my right eye socket all week. I continued to take a few drugs this week, but I owe it mostly to my trusty friend Neti! Some days I did it twice.

Thanks for your well wishes!

Too bad I am paying you back with griping.

But some of this I have saved up over the summer and the last straw happened today.

1. I have experienced very little of that great small town customer service since arriving.

Maybe it was the manager at Staples who stiffly agreed to accept my return of too many products that I had purchased. It is not my fault that they don't clearly (or at all) label the limited number of items one can purchase at a certain sale price. She was quite snarky.

Maybe it was the manager at Goody's who wanted to avoid my attempt at getting a good deal with her indignant attitude. True, I was attempting to purchase a 3-piece swimsuit for 60% off of its original $80 price tag. Which, btw, is completely overpriced! Why can't a girl who is generously endowed get a bathing suit top that does its job without paying ridiculous prices?! Anyway, the problem was actually that the 3rd piece of the suit was missing (the skirt) and I asked for an additional discount. Quite nicely, I might add. How dare I! She finally agreed to take it up to 75% off and her attitude was such that I should kiss her feet. And, btw, I totally know she thinks she pulled one over on me. She didn't take a true 75% off based on the prices. I checked the ticket sweetheart!

Maybe it was the lady at Wal-Mart that wouldn't let me write a check for a $8.78 purchase because I left my driver's license at home. Seriously?! I wouldn't even be writing a check if I had my license because it would mean that I would also have had my debit card on me. I understand policy. But I also understand having to explain to 2 upset children why we were leaving our stuff at the store AND vowing to never give Wal-Mart another dime!

Maybe it was the owner of the Goodwill today who has no business running a business. Between her and her 3 cackling cohorts, I was completely unimpressed. Oh excuse me, I misspoke. The fine ladies are sales clerks. See, while I was roaming the store today, I overheard a nice gentleman ask the owner if there were any job openings at the store. He was not poorly dressed and very polite. She couldn't have been ruder, saying if you don't have sales experience then there wasn't a job available. All this as her body completely ignored him. Sales experience? Is that what they call what they do there? I have been there several times, walking in to see several people behind the counter, yet not one bothering to say "hello", much less acknowledge I even entered the building. I managed to walk out of there with several potential costumes for Halloween and dress-up, but that was about it.

2. If this town wants me to buy more chicken and support the ever growing pocket book of their beloved resident Bo Pilgrim, they need to do two things.

Don't make me witness a truckload of overcrowded and dingy chickens being hauled to slaughter as I drive down the road.

And PLEASE do something about that awful smell that blows across town. I don't know if it is from the cleaning or the cooking, but I am about to boycott chicken again! And that puts a big wrench in my upcoming menu planning adventures!

3. Well, I had a #3, but that was yesterday and I have slept since attempting to finish this post today!

I guess it is a good thing. You didn't deserve my storm of emotions I had bottled up! :)

Good things are coming up for next week!

I am going to share my new menu planning adventure, tag a lot of people, talk about my job, and share some funny kid stories.

Have a great rest of the weekend!



Someone Being Me said...

Ah the infamous chicken truck. I went to high school in a town with a Pilgrims plant. I don't miss that smell. I know what you mean about bad customer service. I think about writing a post about it about once a week.

Jennifer said...

What ever happened to the days when customer service was the most important thing? It has gone so far down hill, and it drives me insane!!

Glad you are feeling better though!

Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...


I particularly like number 3. That's something I would do too.

Sorry you've been having such bad experiences. I guess I would have the same expectations of a small-town, but imagination doesn't live up to dreams all the time.

Hey, I'd be happy to walk into a store and have the clerks ignore me. Here, they all say, "Hello, Madame," like I'm 80 years old and then they follow you throughout the store like they think you are going to steal something. It makes me nuts!

Glad you are feeling better. I don't think I could do the Neti though. Ick!

Anonymous said...

I love a good rant about the lack of and/or rudeness of help!

I gave up the Walmart a while back... don't miss it an ounce!

I'm happier when I shop online. People just tick me off!

(How's that for a little mini rant?!)