Thursday, May 31, 2007

Only $8.95 at Great Clips

This is so unrelated to anything, but I just have to say it out loud. I like to scroll quickly through 2 celebrity blogs each day. It catches me up on what the hubby likes to refer to as "that stuff that will rot your brain out" and is cheaper than buying People each week.

So, would someone PLEEEEASE tell these celebrities to TAKE.THEIR.BOYS.FOR.A.HAIRCUT! It is driving me mad. Kate, Julia, Celine (and whoever else I am forgetting)- I am not saying you have to go military and all, but just do something before I send a dress with a matching bow. They can't really think their boys look good with that obnoxiously long hair, can they?

OK, I feel better now!

I will be mad dashing around tomorrow preparing for our beach trip and getting ready to go get the kids Friday evening. They are counting the days; Luke wanting to know when "Mommy come to home." and Anysa wanting every minute of her allotted days there alone before we crash her party!

More stories later of their adventures this week, my accomplishments, and our trip!


p.s. Bangs did great today and I had my first big reveal to people outside of my home with positive feedback! Yea!

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