Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Grief-driven photo shoot

Last week, after catching up over at Kelle's site, I had a mini-emotional breakdown while putting on my make-up.

Nice timing, huh?

**If you don't know Kelle, her site, or the recent birth of her beautiful daughter Nella, then it is worth checking out.  Once you do, you will understand my mini-meltdown.

With B turning ONE.THIS.FRIDAY, I couldn't help but reflect upon the significant lack of photos of he and I together.  Frankly, I could probably count them on 2 hands and 1 foot.

Or photos of myself with any of my kids for that matter.


I love to take pictures of my children.  I love reflecting on their images and all the cute things and milestones they have encountered.  I think that shows. 

The sad part is that over the years, the number of photos that I actually get to be IN has dwindled dramatically. 

Here is the deal~no one seems to know how to pick up the camera and catch moments except me.  That is unless I specifically say so.  I get tired of saying so.

So the sadness crept over me.  The thought that I have so little documented from B's first year that truly reflects our relationship.  The big things and the little moments.

In my desperate moment, I thought I would take matters into my own hands.

Enjoy the pictures.  They truly are good for a hearty laugh!

Uh Mom, I am not so sure about this. 

But I will give it a try.

You only thought strapping me down would make your job easier! 

No really Mom, squealing makes everything better.

Or a big fat sloppy kiss on your chin!

Or a big bear hug around your neck!


Yea, I am outta here!

No, really!

Hopefully, you will start seeing a lot of better pictures with he and I in the near future!  I will start with his birthday, where like A and L, I always have a friend as a designated photographer.  I hope to plan some casual family photos as well soon.



Jenna said...

I am never in our pictures either. I need to remedy that.

Cyndy said...

I know just what you mean! My kids are grown and I have very few pictures of me with them. But I bet your friends have some great ones of you with your kids. In fact, I think I even have a few with you and yours in my pictures. Maybe everyone needs to go through their pictures and have a "swap party". And I cannot believe B is about to celebrate his first birthday!!!

Golda said...

See, I told you. Peace and joy. That's what I see looking at these pictures.

Mommy Cracked said...

I discovered Kelle's blog right after she had Nella...that woman has some serious photography and writing skills. I don't think I've ever read a more beautiful birth story!

Love these photos! And, like so many have said, I am also absent in so many of our pictures because I'm always the photographer. Good for you for getting these sweet pictures!

Cara @ Health Home and Happiness said...

I followed the link and read the story- so beautiful! And yes, incompatible with putting on makeup...

willblogforshoes said...

GREAT pics! He's so loving!!

I hate having my picture made. HATE. The cause = self-admitted vanity. Pure & simple.

I was made painfully aware of how few pictures I was in (especially with the kids) as I was reading the final blog update of a fellow mom, with kids very close in age to mine, who'd passed away from cancer that very day. There were so many pictures of her with her children. All happy pictures, despite the hospital beds, wires, and head scarves. Her children had all the beautiful memories to keep of their mom. If something were to happen to me, how would my kids remember me? They're too young to really remember. I'm robbing my kids of a lifetime of memories all because I think my nose & teeth are too big for my face?

Well, it's a daily struggle for me to get over myself and just be in the stupid pictures. Even as recently as Wog's birthday party this past Sunday, I was too "hard at work" to realize that I didn't get a single shot of me & Hubs with him. I even hid my face when my FIL tried to snap a shot of me by myself.

Marathon comment, I'm sorry.