Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I really think I might be onto somthing

I believe that I may have discovered the next big as seen on TV gotta have!

Baby Mop

Let your baby crawl around your kitchen while you cook dinner.

Baby stops to admire own shadow on floor.

Baby drops a huge puddle of drool on the floor while admiring own shadow.

Baby gets bored and crawls off to the next point of interest.

Baby drags puddle of drool along with him as he crawls away.

Thus creating a clean streak as he moves on.

I am so gonna be rich!!


p.s.  Baby was not harmed in this accidental experiment.  Floor had recently been swept.


Cara said...

Nothing like a crawler to remind you that your floor is dirty! I think SNL did a skit like this too, the swiffer sleeper or something similar. Yes... I watch SNL.. lol

Anonymous said...

Send him my way!

Kimmy said...

Can I borrow him for a while?

Jennifer said...

Toooo funny! I love it! Think I'd like to borrow him too!