Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Look Ma, no wheels!

We are working on another rite of passage around here.

Riding a bike without training wheels.

We tried several months ago, but we were met with much more opposition.

He was a little more willing this time, but was still pretty nervous about it. He is such a speed man with those extra set of wheels! Plus there were lots of extra eyes on him that day which made his performance anxiety spike a bit!

Daddy had practiced with him a time or two before I was there to take pics, but I was hoping to capture the victory on film this day.

He would only try a few times before saying he had had enough. He really can do it, I just don't think he has that same confidence in himself just yet.

Take off!

Break away!

Slowing down for a soft landing!

Another try!

Flanked by companions!

Some nipping at his heels!

Off he goes!

Quite a pair!

His wing "man"!

Enough for the day!

These are the days I want to remember!


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