Friday, August 22, 2008

No Men Allowed

Last week, we indulged in a special treat for 3 days!


My friend and 3 of her 4 kids came to stay and play with us. To some that may sound like a lot of work, but it was so easy.

Don't you love having easy-maintenance friendships?! I have so many and feel so blessed in that area of my life!

We spent 3 days talking, working, eating, and playing.

All the kids had a great time fishing at the pond. One of the boys even caught a 5.5 pound catfish! It was so funny to watch! He was alone on the other side of the pond trying to haul in his catch while everyone was yelling instructions from across the pond! Then the rest of the kids raced over there to help him carry back.

That afternoon, we hung out for 3 hours at our local city pool. Her kids are always so good about entertaining my younger kids! There was lots of jumping off the diving board by all the kids! Even my little man was a daredevil!

(Sadly, oh so sadly, I must report that all pictures documenting that fun-and fish!-were lost in the tragic Picture Deletion of 2008! Lots more of her pictures were lost as well! We might want to have a moment of silence!)

We kept them feed and busy so we could tire them out for bedtime! So important when you have secret mommy food, drink, and movie stashed away for later!

AND, she helped me reduce the piles of pictures waiting to be hung on my walls and of junk waiting to be organized in my hobby room!

Do you ever have that feeling of being so overwhelmed by a task/s, that your brain stops dealing with it? Even if you are a fairly talented person in the art of decorating/organizing? Ugh, I was so stuck! And she so rescued me!

From myself AND from having to partner with my husband with these tasks! Now, we all know how well those projects go!

My walls are now more graciously adorned with family pictures and art, while my hobby room is now ready for phase 2-specific organization!

We had a great time!

These boys were having such a ball together despite their 6 year difference! While the other 3 were watching a movie, they wanted to have some serious play time with L's car collection! They had created quite a car trail from his room all the way down the hall! My little man was in heaven to have another boy wanting to play cars with him!

(see that cute sign behind the boys? that was one of my new wall appliques! they were so easy to deal with and make such a big impression! i love them so much that i am thinking about doing an online "party"! my dtr got her name across the wall above her bed.)

Some fun outdoor time!

It is so hard to believe how much all the kids have grown! I will have to find some old pictures to scan later to show all the changes!

Thanks my dear friend for a wonderful 3 days!


p.s. My husband only had to endure ;) 1 evening of the full house (with a lovely meal provided, i might add!)! he left the next day for a 2 day business trip!


Jennifer said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful time! Sorry about the picture deletion - that stinks big time!

Kimmy said...

What fun! It's neat when older boys and younger boys play together. It sounds like everyone had a great time.
I just wanted to thank you for your recommendation about the movie "The Water Horse". We watched it last night with the boys and we all loved it. Please pass along other family movies in the future. It was a big help to us.