Friday, August 15, 2008

Little Mermaid & Dude Merman

Swim lessons ended over a month ago, but I forgot to post the pics I had set up.

I found the whole experience a little aggravating at times, but I am sure most of that was due to the fact that this was our first "group" swim lesson encounter.

My son's class turned out great. He had a wonderful teacher (my new trainer) and only 5 kids in his class. I had no idea how he would do. Last year, he had his first formal lessons in a 1:1 setting with a great teacher. Unfortunately, he was still in his stage of being terrified of the big water, so we didn't get very far. Officially, that is. The rest of the summer and all this summer, even before lessons, he has been a little fish. No swimming really, but a fish! This year, he took the leader role! He can now jump in, float on his back, loves to be under the water, and can even swim some.

My daughter's class made my head explode with each lesson. Ten kids with one teacher. She had a helper, but was not certified so she did not split the class up. In a 30 minute class, they spent half their time waiting to get their turn. The biggest problem was that they did not set the class up by skill level and it was very evident. They spent almost the first week getting their faces wet, blowing bubbles, and learning how to be underwater. Last year, my daughter learned swim strokes, floating on her back, swimming on her back, etc. I tried to talk to the instructor into the second week, but didn't get very far. Basically, wasted my money there. I think we will just keep working on our own with her. She loves diving which a few in the class learned the last two lessons.

We have continued to enjoy swimming all summer and hope to do so as long as weather permits.



Jennifer H. said...

I've been meaning to comment on several things. So . . .

First of all, the kids bedrooms are SO CUTE!! I really like them.

Second, Congrats on the printer. That looks so cool.

And, I love the fact that they are swimming so well. I can see your frustration with A's class. I think I would have been very irritated.

Love you!

Loni said...

I am so glad that your son got some good swimming lessons in and that you met a great new person in the process.

While I your daughter did not get as much instruction as you were hoping for, I think it's wonderful that she got some diving lessons! Just remember, even that is a little progress!