Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bon Appetit!

A asked me one day in November if she could cook a meal for the family.

What was odd, is that just a few weeks prior to that, I had been reading about someone's 8 year old daughter cooking her family pancakes.

She had been doing it for TWO.YEARS!

I thought maybe my undiagnosed Mommy-OCD was getting in the way of my daughter's practical development!

So, I said yes.

She planned the menu. And except for cooking the meat, she truly did most of the work. I assisted her in the kitchen, giving practical tips when it was necessary.

I can't say much more than that I was terribly proud of her!

Here was our meal that evening:

Cheeseburger patties; a salad consisting of carrots, broccoli, shredded cheese, and ranch dressing (which i must say was quite yummy!); peanut butter celery sticks; plain celery sticks (for her brother since he HATES peanut butter! seriously, is he my kid?)

Right after they took baths, we dug in to eat!

And with a smidgen of encouragement, she was even glad to leave me with a clean kitchen.

I think I will teach her how to clean bathrooms next!



Jennifer said...

That is so neat. Way to go A!!

Anonymous said...

Looks yummy! Send her my way!

K in the Mirror said...

My girl hates peanut butter too. And loves to cook. :) Good job A!

Anonymous said...

What a nice looking supper! She did great! I can identify with the Mom OCD. I have to force myself to let them do things. It's harder than it sounds!

Jenna said...

That is so sweet!

Cyndy said...

I'm so impressed! She did a super job. Who knows, she may be the next Rachel Ray.

When J. was in middle school, I used to make her plan and cook one meal a week. She usually got her brother to help her out. I don't think she always liked to do it, but she learned a lot from the experience!


kel said...

I bet she was so proud.

I taught Britt how to switch out laundry for me and put in another load that is waiting and that was like the and funny she LOVES to do it. I am sure that wont last though.

Martie said...

I just love the picture of your daughter cleaning the counter. What a wonderful job she did! Good job to her, and good job to you, too, Momma!