Monday, January 14, 2008

"There she goes. There she goes again!"

As most of you know, my sweet baby girl turned SIX last week. That was a hard one for me, but one she was so very excited about!

And in holding fast to my belief that birthdays should be celebrated as long as possible-a day is simply not enough time!-I will share with you the events of her birthday week!

The morning of her birthday, we were a few minutes early for school, so we took a few pictures to get the day started right!

Wish, baby, wish!

She celebrated with her classmates by bringing fruit and cheese, along with stickers for everyone. Her special request was strawberries and I struggled to purchase that $5 package, but she is hard to resist! I added grapes, orange slices, and cubed cheese to the menu for a delicious and healthy birthday treat! She has several classmates with nut allergies and I personally could not bear knowing these kids were indulging on more sugar after the holiday!

Don't feel bad, I am not always a perfect mommy!

She got to order a grape slush from Sonic after I picked her and brother up from school! That is made out of real grapes, right?!!

And the day before, brother helped me pick out a simple cookie cake just to make sure her actual birthday day was pretty special! Oops, forgot to take picture before I removed the candles!

This was a highlight of her day! Daddy ordered some special flowers to be delivered to her while at school! It was funny listening to her tell the story of the delivery! Her favorite part? Getting to sign her name for the flowers! Oh to be a kid again!!

Her "all-girl roller skating party" (Yes, I am quoting her!) was this past Saturday. She did allow 2 exceptions; her brother and her boy cousin! It is a good thing since brother skated all of 5 minutes!

I must be honest here and tell you that this was my first relinquishing of birthday party control. Seriously, I love to plan and host their parties. I love to be creative as inexpensively as possible. And while it was nice to let go some responsibilities and just bring the cake and birthday girl, there were times when I simply wanted to tell that sweet and timid teenage girl to get on with it or move on over!

Some of my family came down on Friday evening, including the cake maker, my sister! For several years, she has assisted her MIL in her cake making and catering of weddings. She is now actually making some of the cakes herself these days as she aspires to sharpen her skills and turn it into a business of her own. After seeing the cake she did for her son last summer, I requested her services for my own birthdays this year.

I put in a tall order, but she did a great job! We kept taking pictures during the process and prior to transporting it, as we were not sure if it would still be standing after the road trip to the rink! And just so you will know, we figured out why we had the leaning skate and she will be perfecting her technique on the next version in February!

Here we have A. posing with the cake in the garage just in case! (Guess it doesn't really matter if I use her name in this post, seeing that her name is plastered all over the cake!!

PTL! We made it!!

Poor girl was winded from skating that it took two breaths to squelch the flames!

A.'s friends once again blessed her abundantly! So many neat things! Lots of artist stuff, a few Barbies, a few Ponies, and her very own first Webkin! Both she and brother have already made many princess portraits with this great Color Wonder Spray Paint Kit!

Once home, it did not take her long to dig into her new Barbie make-up/hair supplies!

(look at that sweet, chocolate-covered face of her cousin!)

To us, she will always be our princess!

Sorry, no action shots! Of her or me! Yes, I did put on some wheels and thoroughly enjoyed it! I wished I had more time, but maybe she and I will make it a girl night at the rink soon!

She had a great week topped off by a great party!


** If you live in the OKC or surrounding area and would be interested in a custom cake at a reasonable price, I can put you in contact with my sister. They not only look good, but they taste yummy too! And that is important!

** The song in my title is in my head because I watched A. skate away with one of her friends as it played. I got it on video and I am sure it will make me cry one day.


Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Awwwwwww! That makes me want to cry right now! So big. She's just beautiful.

I would be so happy if someone bought be a Sonic slush on my birthday.

What a gorgeous birthday week. LOVE the cake!

kel said...

Oh that looks like a wonderful birthday celebration. I drag out the celebrating too. LOVE the cake.

kel said...

Oh that looks like a wonderful birthday celebration. I drag out the celebrating too. LOVE the cake.

Kimmy said...

Wow . . . that looks like a fun party!

K in the Mirror said...

She's so big! I love that cake. Looks like you had a great celebration!

Jennifer H. said...

K had so much fun. She can't stop talking about the roller skating. (Even though she kept going against the flow!) When her Daddy asked her if she was going the wrong direction, she replied, "No, everyone else was going the wrong way!"

The cake was great and super cute! I'm glad A enjoyed the Color Wonder princess sprayer. We wanted to get her clothes for her doll, but they were completely sold out at the T by our house.

Anonymous said...

She is so pretty. I remember that Barbie and "pink" stage well... sigh. My girls at 13 and 10 are still quite feminine, but done with Barbie and pink. And hairbows. And ruffled socks. And matching outfits. I'm feeling quite nostalgic now...

My son turns six in February, and looking at your daughter, I think "what a big girl." But why is it that our own children still look like babies to us at six? Maybe it's just the baby of the family... which Jack is. I feel both pride and sadness at his growing up and away.

Beautiful party and cake! Just what a 6 year old girl dreams of.

Anonymous said...

Looks like her birthday was very special!

Rachel said...

What a blessing she is, she looks so much like you, she is just beautiful.