Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Old School

Over Christmas, I got to ride in the car by myself to and from our destination. We had to take 2 cars so we could take my mom her treadmill I found for FREE!

So, after getting out of range of my favorite afternoon radio program, I decided to dust off the CD bag and see what goodies I could find!

I decided to go with stuff I had not heard in awhile.

Are you ready to for this?

Indigo Girls (college)
Avalon (I love to belt out Testify like I can carry a tune!)

(Yes, I already see the contradictions, but I am just stating the facts here!)

Royal Crown Review (I heard these guys live and met them personally in Florida. I don't know if they are still around, but it is a funky gangster group-think "Guys and Dolls" gangster!)
Julia Fordham (Seriously, if you are prone to depression or slitting your wrists for fun, you may want to skip this one!)
Cake (Again, a little funky, but I love them!)
Avalon (another one)

and finally.....

Rick Springfield

Do I need to say more?

Ok, well how about,

Jessie's Girl


You Better Love Somebody


I've Done Everything For You

Now the funniest part to all this is that 2 weeks ago, I was riding around with my son in the car while we waited for sister to get done with dance class. He loves to sing and wanted some music. Forgetting what was in my CD player, I pushed the button.

He loved it!

So we rocked out together with Rick and I even caught him playing the guitar solos in the back seat!

Now, how cute is a 3 1/2 year old jammin' with his eyes closed to Rick?!!



kel said...

To show how old I am, I was so excited Matt found me Debbie Gibson Electric Youth and Tiffani I think were alone now on cd for Christmas, before then it was only tapes. Definetly my singing outloud in the car where no one can hear me music.

The West's said...

we were in the car the other day with the radio on low when Katie yelled out... "Mom, turn it up, it's Salt and Peppa!" ...I remember listening to oldies music with my parents when I was a child, I think it helped me develop my diverse music tastes!

Anonymous said...

I love the mental pic of your little man rockin' out to Rick Springfield.

Woggie was such the rock-n-roll kid in the belly, but now he prefers Bluegrass. He actually clog dances to Dueling Banjoes (I'm not exactly sure of the spelling of that). Anyhoo, strange, huh?

Jenna said...

I admit to still listening to Rick and to the Indigo Girls. In fact, they are both on my ipod - but I have recent groups too (so I am still counted as hip, right?).

Kimmy said...

I love this. I was sorting through my CASSETTES! (can you believe that?!) and came across some old music, including some Radio tapes that I made for myself back in about grade 10 or so . . . too funny! I listened to some of it and it brought me right back to my big hair and Lady Stetson perfume.
Thanks for the comment on my post of miscellaneous things. Just wondering . . . how tall did you think I would be?

texastanya said...

Oh my! I remember the days of dreaming of dear ol' Rick. My how times have changed!!!
Tanya :)