Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Detox 2007

**I had to add an update down below!


It is has just been a tad crazy since getting back home from our travels.

And I should probably get this written before I start my second margharita!

You know us crazy parents that stay at home with young children on New Year's Eve have to find fun somehow!

Not like the good old days of going out with some guy friends in college who get drunk and obnoxious while hitting on some other girls and then proceed to lock our keys in their trunk which leads us to take a ride to some strange guys' house for an ongoing party who then get us back to the parking lot where we finally sucumb to calling one of our friend's cool parents where we ended up crashing for the night.

Remember that girls?!

Yes, I know you are reading this! :)

Well, it is nothing like that here this eve of the New Year!

I just wanted to say that we have successfully completed our rounds for Christmas 2007 and I think all are pleased.

We headed to Oklahoma where we spent time with my family. We had two stops there and each meant anxious children wondering when "we are going to open presents?".

In addition to grandparents, there are cousins involved which meant lots of squealing and lots of playing. I did not grow up with cousins my age; my brother and sister and I were the only grandchildren on both my mother and father's sides of the family. I have really enjoyed my sister and I having children close together; the girls are 3 months apart and the boys are 1 month apart. I also have a nephew in California who is between the girls and boys and we hate that he does not get to be around his cousins more often. It was fun at my Dad's to have the kids participate in a televideo conversation with our nephew, my brother, and my SIL.

Prior to our trip, the kids had written e-letters to Santa to make their requests formally known. They were most concerned about him knowing their location on Christmas Eve.

Not to worry! He found us.

Unfortunately, not before he had to pull up the reindeer reigns and make a pit stop at Walgreens and Blockbuster at 9 PM that night due to a non-functioning computer for our son.

I am not sure if Santa was fullfilling my son's wishes or my husband's.

Seeing as how he brought guns.

There was also a basketball hoop and a Cars movie (ours had been handled too much!).

But guns?!

Anyway, Santa was also kind enough to leave a note regarding the mishap and to let my son know that a new computer would be delivered to his door step soon.

Along with my husband's stocking stuffers which he somehow misplaced as well.


That is precisely the reason I don't like to be away from home on Christmas Eve!

After the kids headed to their grandparents in Texas for a few days while we worked, we concluded our Christmas this past Friday night.

L was so funny. He was thrilled with each present he opened, but he wanted to "save it for later" and keep opening a new one.

Sadly, A's guitar was busted upon opening the box! And after all that effort, it really irks me! (I did find TWO today at Target and she is a happy musician again!)

The kids were blessed! They loved it all! There were pjs, hats/gloves, cars, dolls, stickers, clothes, cups, games, guitars, and kid computers.

We appreciate everything!

Hubby received some big box of tool thingies, Lowe's GC, a watch, a thermos/2 travel mug set, a shirt/tie, and a hat/tshirt combo.

I was thrilled with my jewelry, Target GC, Visa GC, and my blessed crock pot! OH, and my cutie patutie bag from my friend that says "If I keel over at Wal-Mart, then drag my body to Neiman's"!

And don't think I haven't already worn it over my shoulder as I walked through those automatic doors to make returns!

UPDATE: I must not forget to tell you about the life-saving tool Santa brought me! I had been asking forever for one of those window puncture/seatbelt cutter in case my car ever goes over a bridge and sinks to the bottom of a body of water. Can you tell what my nightmares center around?! Anyway! Santa brought me a great combo tool that includes those two devices and several more!

There is probably more to tell, but I will let the pictures do the talking.

Besides, I am starting to slur my words!

I love these books that come with DVD/CD's for reading!

Lugging his HUGE new set of Lincoln Logs to Daddy.

They did this all on their own. Do you think God will forgive me for stopping to take a picture? I could not resist!

His teacher would be so proud that he is raising his hand to go next!

These next two pictures pretty much sum up L's Christmas in which he displayed his constant thrill that he received "THE.SAME.THANG!!" as whoever else! If you look close, you can see the vein in his neck popping out due to his excitement!

He is my irrestable boy!

These girls love each other so much! Here they are showing off to their great-grandmother!

They were thrilled to be Hannah Montana twins!

Giggling girls in A's new mirror!

I think we are in for big trouble!

The kids had their new pj's on by 4 PM and as you can tell, L is having a hard time staying with us!

A man-size job! This was my mom's treadmill I found her for FREE!

Working hard like their Daddies!

The girls loved having the same shirts! I loved finding them this summer for $1 each!

A LOVED her New Generation doll!

Just practice your lip reading here! He makes it easy!

Awaiting Santa's big reveal!

Oh man!

I can't even tell you how many times she asked for "REAL" make-up from Santa! I thought I was teetering on discovery when she commented that her's was "just like yours Mommy!", but I think I made it for another year!

Seriously, this took like 2 seconds to start happening. And it did not stop until later in the day when we threatened to take it away from her if she did not stop! And yes, this is only going to be at-home/for fun make-up!

Checking out Santa's escape! Or is she wondering how to escape brother's hand-cuffs!

He is so ready for the new pirate movie coming out on January 11th!

Something went wrong. Terribly wrong!

I barely took this off the last week! I love having the kids close to my heart!

It has been a blessed year and I pray that 2008 will find us feeling the same!



Rachel said...

Wish you and your family much happiness and many blessings in 2008.

Danette said...

Looks like a great Christmas! The kids look so cute. And yes, we certainly remember that frightful New Years Eve - JH barely made her ski trip! Happy New Year!

Mel said...

It looks like Santa was good to you all! :) As Jesus blessed you to have such a wonderful time with family and to give thanks for the blessings of the year....

I pray this year will be as good if not better!