Friday, December 28, 2007

The Art of Regifting

I am not ready to sum up our Christmas for you because we still have round 4 tonight. I would say tomorrow, but my kids have already been drooling and pawing over the gifts at their grandparents' house while awaiting my arrival.

They have been there for a few days while we worked this week.

Somebody caved and let them open "just one"!

Likely to quiet the crowd and ensure her sanity for another day.

So instead, I thought I would just share a funny story from this past Saturday.

We celebrate with his dad's family by sharing a big meal, an adult White Elephant exchange (the good kind!), and presents from each family for all the young kids.

Which isn't so bad since the total is now at 4 and 2 of them are mine! Once you graduate high school, you are kicked up the responsibility ladder! The other girls are so sweet though, so buying for them is a good thing!

Since we would be spending the earlier part of the day doing that before heading further up into Oklahoma to do Christmas with my families, it meant lots of planning and packing.

I had already wrapped the gifts and they were in the closet.

Once he was ready to pack the car, he tried to do so in the reverse order of when the presents would be needed.

You feel something coming, don't ya!

We were having a good time. Talking, eating, eating, eating.

Then it was time to start the game.

And wouldn't you know it, I got #1.

I actually did good and picked out the Chocolate Fountain with supplies. I would have been happy if that is what I ended up with.

As the game progressed, their were lots of cool things. Gift cards seemed to be popular this year, which would have been fine with me as well. Since stealing seems to be in the genes of this family ;), my husband was hoping to keep his pick secured to his side- a tool carrying case with some tools in it.

Then I see one of our older gentlemen decide to pick up my W.E. gift. I chuckled a bit under my breath, thinking "Poor G., he won't be thrilled with Herbal Foot Creme and Cozy Massaging Socks!"

As I watch G. reach into the bag and begin to pull out a red somethingorother, my chuckle quickly turned into gasping and cries of

"NO NO NO!".

He is lucky I did not do a made-for-tv-movie-slow-motion-bionic woman-leap across the room to rescue MY PRECIOUS RED BROTHER LABELER THAT I HAD SACRIFICED SLEEP FOR THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING BECAUSE IT WAS SO CHEAP AFTER THE SALE PRICE AND THE REBATE!

After everyone had a good laugh over the fact that my husband had accidentally (whatever!) put out my gift from the "kids" which I had so graciously purchased and wrapped myself AND I had assured everyone I would be okay without it, the game moved on.

But I didn't.

I think I might have still been dealing with Silent Hyperventilation.

With a smile on my face.

In the end, my MIL, being the good woman that she is AND understanding the sacrifice leading up to that purchase (since she was right there with me at 5 AM), decided that she needed the Chocolate Fountain more than I did.

And she does since she entertains all.the.time!

Rest assured, I did indeed rescue RED from the man hands!

I might have walked over there really fast!

And while I was completely happy to have RED back, somehow, I felt slightly cheated that I really did not get to participate fully in the game.

Being as I had to sacrifice to save RED and all.

So.....I thought it would be wise to offer another example of sharing to my children.

You know, for their future well-being.

It's me, don't you think!

I have always wanted a car seat organizer!

And yes, I do have great plans for all those pockets!



Anonymous said...

That's not the regifting I was expecting! Bless your heart. You are a good woman... with a remarkably clever car seat organizer!

Have a happy New Year!

Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

Too funny!! I loved the bionic woman line. How kind of your mil to help you out. Have a great time labeling everything!!