Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Beginning with the end in mind

If you don't already know this about me, then today I will share again my love of shopping at resale shops. OK, yes I love to shop other places as well, but I am nothing without my bargains!

I have posted several times about some great deals I have scored in the past, but don't have time to go find them for linking here. One of my blogging goals is to go back and relabel then organize my posts for readers.

But that is for another day!

Anyway, resale shopping has become a recent love of mine, and although I don't go often since I usually have kids in-tow, I do love it when I walk out with great deals like a $7 bicycle that my daughter LOVES or cute clothes that cost less than $2 a piece!

So, several weeks ago, my favorite place advertised a "50% midnight madness sale with LOTS OF NEW TOYS!". Now most of my shopping was done and my kids certainly don't need new toys, but I had to go see what bargains I might find.

Little did I know this would be an after-Thanksgiving Wal-Mart dejavu experience.

Only better!

Seriously, these people had their act together; carts or buggies, a number system if you wanted to store your stuff and go shop more, cookies and cider, and friendly, helpful people! Who knew that still existed!

I mosied in at 6:10 pm (shopping was from 6-11pm) to find, um, madness! Apparently, they had lined up prior to 6pm! Despite my late start, I was soooooo pleased with my results! Apparently, the store had received many generous donations in bulk, so there were lots of new items to choose from along with the regular donated stuff.

Before I share some of special finds, I wanted to make it clear that all of this is NOT entirely for my kids nor is it all for THIS Christmas. After re-reading yesterday's post, it seemed like I was eluding to the idea that my kids were getting all of it. I have talked before about my gift closet that I keep stocked for birthdays, special occasions, and Christmas. Everything in there is purchased at 50% off at least, most of it at even better bargains than that!

Not that I think my friends and family are cheap!

See all this.....

90% of it was already in my gift closet ready for this Christmas!

And my loot from the other night.....

All purchased at 50% off! I got all this, plus 2 games you don't see cuz I already gave them away, and 3 pairs of jeans ($1.50 ea!), a pair of leopard pants with fringe, and an authentic-looking Pocahontas outfit for next Halloween for my dtr, and 2 pairs of pjs (less than $3 ea) for each of the kids for $129.

People, I don't know what you consider a bargain and it is not like I needed to run out and spend that money, but I think I did good. And when I even impressed my husband while at the same time spending money, then I did indeed do good.

I am so covered for the next year!

Here is fun closer look:

That is my cute new stool I bought for $5. Although it looks OK now, the seat is actually a little worn and I bought it to recover because I really loved the legs on it. Which you can't see!

Barbie for less than $5.

This one may never come out of the package! I love this stuff! Ever since doing my daughter's nursery in Dick and Jane, I can't get enough of it! $3 folks!

I got 2 of these for $7.50 each. L's birthday is June and one my nephew's is in July, so these will be perfect!

L has a new love of dinosaur's, so he is actually getting this one in a few weeks! I think this one was $7.

He loves his Papa's tractor, so he will love this when it shows up for his birthday as well. Again, $7.50.

Games are my theme right now! All at a good price! Some for us, but most will be for birthday gifts throughout the year. It seems we have a party every other week!

If you go back up, I am especially proud of that cute barn stand I scored for $20! There are no stickers on it, so I can't even guess where it came from or how much it cost originally. However, it is a good solid piece and I bet it was a good deal! Yes, this one will be for my kids along with the lemonade stand I found for 75% off awhile back. Not sure for what occasion, but I love to encourage their play and these will do nicely!

Anyway, a long story to say, you can give a great gift at Christmas or any other occasion by simply shopping at your local resale shop! I prefer the ones that benefit a cause!

It works for me!

More for great ideas, be sure to visit Rocks In My Dryer!



Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

Wow, Stacey, I am truly impressed!! It seems whenever I go to resale places, the quality isn't very good. Granted I only go about once a year - maybe that's my problem. I'm really excited for you that you did so well though! Thanks for the encouragement not to give up on resales though.

Desiree' said...

You do have some serious loot!! That is awesome! Thanks for checking out Clappy Shoes!