Wednesday, December 26, 2007

50% OFF After-Christmas Sale and other GOOD news!

Other than my sidebar, I think I have only ever mentioned my Arbonne business in one other actual post.

And you won't find me doing it often in the future.

But special occasions call for special announcements!

And I wanted to be sure to share something special with all my friends.

Here is what you need to know:

(Includes both my in-stock and to-be-ordered products.)
* Good December 26-31st.
* Cut-off to place your order through me is 12 NOON on 12/31.
* All orders will be placed on December 31st.
* If you are reading this, you are eligible!
* You may call or email me with your order.
* No order is too small or too big!
* Everyone who orders will be eligible for my FREE PRODUCT drawing!
* My current In-Stock List is below for easy viewing. Prices listed are already discounted to 50% off.
* All other products can be viewed via Arbonne's website.
* All regular and Holiday products are eligible, but keep in mind that Holiday products will go fast!
* If you live out of town and wish to participate, please keep in mind your order will take a bit longer to receive as I have to ship it to you once I receive it.
* As you shop, don't forget about upcoming birthdays, celebrations, and Valentine's Day!

All products may be viewed at by clicking "shop online".

Ladies, if your husbands need help shopping for you, then be sure to pass along your wish list to me and a way to contact them so I can help you out! I totally understand!! :)

I also wanted to mention something else very special.

Several months ago, I dedicated a percentage of my business earnings towards to cancer foundations. In October, that foundation was the Gal-To-Gal Foundation in honor of Sonya. This foundation supports families and research affected by Stage IV Breast Cancer. The amount donated to them is $100. In September, I chose to donate to a foundation in honor of my friend Kevin. At the time, I was not exactly sure which one. I have decided on the Huntsman Cancer Institute located in Utah. The amount donated to them is $60. I recently heard Mr. Huntsman speak and plan on reading one of his books that was highlighted called "Winners Never Cheat". I was so impressed with him, his vision, his heart that I wish I had a million dollars to hand him right now!

I know my donations won't be much, but I believe that together our little amounts will do BIG things!

Thanks to each of you that spoke kind words as I struggled with myself and the loss of friends.


(This is normally where I would include my personal contact information, but for security purposes, you will need to email me and then we can correspond by phone if needed. My email address is

Stacey’s Current In-Stock Products
*listed prices are ½ price from retail costs
*list subject to change as purchases occur

NutriMinC RE9
* Refresh Foaming Body Wash $17.50
* REsist Essential Fatty Acid Dietary Supplement $21.50

Arbonne Intelligence
* Herbal Foot Cream-3, $8
* Herbal Foot Cream/Travel Size-7, $2.50
* Herbal Hand Cream-3, $7
* Body Lotion $9.75
* Cleansing Gel/Holiday size $14
* Exfoliating Masque with Thermal Fusion-2, $16
* Rejuvenating Cream $17.50
* Thermal Fusion Hair/Scalp Revitalizer $11.75

Luxurious Almond
* Body Buff-3, $6
* Body Velvet-2, $6

Mandarin Cashmere
* Body Scrub-2, $5
* Body Wrap $5
* Body Whip-2, $5

Ginger Citrus
* Body Wash-3, $4
* Sugar Scrub, $5

* Unwind Rejuvenating Mist $8
* Joint Formula Supplement $14.50
* Line Defiance Foundation, SPF 8 $13 (12C)
* NEW Translucent Pressed Powder (Fair/$9, Medium/$8)
* NEW FYI geteven Tinted Moisturizer $9 (Light/Medium)
* Make-Up (color selections can be provided upon request)
* Sheer Shine $8
* Lipstick orig-$7.50, new-$8.50
* Prep & Plump $14 (enhances lips and adds color; my favorite!)
* Lip Pencils $5
* Eye Pencils $5
* Eyebrow Wax $8 (controls eyebrows-with/without color)
* Mineral Powder Foundation $17.50 (7W, 8Wx2)
* Color Palatte (Silver)-2, $8

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kel said...

Good deals. I am so glad I started ordering the Arbonne. I love it all.
Hope you guys had a Merry Christmas.