Friday, December 14, 2007

Close to my heart

I have been dying to tell you about these all week!

I had to wait until today in order to secure the kodak moment when my friend opens hers later this morning.

And I know I am taking chances here, but I am hoping 2 boys and 2 babies will keep her 2 busy for cyberspace until we can get over there this morning!

And G, if you are reading this right now, BEFORE I come over,





This is your last warning, do you understand?

You have two choices.

Stop or stop.

OK, I hope you made a good choice!

Jennifer is doing these cute pieces for such great prices! I love how they turned out! You will still need to hop over to her site though, in order to see a few more pieces that are different than what I am showing you.

It was hilarious trying to get pictures of these things! The shine of the pieces and my lighting were having a little tiff! Don't let my poor pictures scare you off though, the pieces are great and I know they will be enjoyed by the mommies!

Not a mommy but love the look? Talk to Jennifer and let her be creative for you!

Mommy Necklaces



Golda said...

I LOVE it!! Thank you so much - you're always so thoughtful and know just the right thing to get! It's perfect! Love, Golda

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link! I've been looking for someone that does these fairly inexpensively. I wanted to get one for my sister for Christmas, but now I can do it for next Christmas!

Maybe I can drop a hint or two for HH to get me one!!