Thursday, December 6, 2007

Just checking

I found some pictures on my FIL's computer and brought them home to do this fun experiment. I think my husband has always held some slight disappointment that our kids didn't look more like him. My dtr has always favored me more both in my childhood pics and now. Sorry, I don't have any of my old pictures on computer yet to show you. In fact, when we first saw her with the sonogram, the technician (who I adore) made the comment that she definitely had my chin! What chin?! Indeed, they both do! In most pictures and when you see them in person, it is easy to tell they are siblings and their resemblance to me.

Thankfully, there are some pictures to prove that at least my son belongs to him!


(YES, they BOTH belong to him!)


Martie said...


That's amazing and uncanny.

Looks are a funny thing. My dh and I look nothing alike at all. Some of our big kids hear from people that they look just so and so, but then we look at younger pics and do a comparison, and the opposite is true. No telling how that all works! =D

Cute pics!


Jennifer H. said...

Yep! L belongs to his Daddy!! Great pics.

texastanya said...

Too cute!

Jenna said...

That is so cute!! You can definitely see the resemblance.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! They do look a lot alike!