Thursday, December 27, 2007

A room with a view

I am thinking about this:

big bloggy move2

But I need your help!

First, you must know that I am a First Born.

Enough said!

Second you must know that I am a Procrastinating Perfectionist.

I know, it does not really fit with my take-charge and organize-it-all personality!

Maybe I am Bipolar!

So that I won't end up pulling an all-nighter (like I did in college when I managed a semester-long project in, um, like, ONE NIGHT!), will you please help me start making some decisions so I can work on this project sooner rather than later!

I need opinions.

And I know you have opinions!






And feel free to share my need with your friends, in order that they may come visit me and give their opinion too!

And be sure to click on the banner and see what is going on, especially if you are thinking of making some changes or maybe even starting your own place to tell your story....

Kelli :)


I have already picked Megan's brain and she has offered her wonderful insight! In offering your opinion, it is important for you to remember that-

* I am NOT technically savvy!
* Most days, it is doubtful I am even using Blogger to its fullest potential.
* And it is likely I don't even know what I am missing!
* If you even think about throwing around computer jargon and easy how-to's for me to do myself, there will be head spinning and brain explosions! It will not be pretty!

Proceed to comment!



Christy said...

Well, I tried helping a friend with her Typepad account and found it waaay harder than Blogger! WordPress seems easier to me, but I haven't done much with it so far.

Thanks for stopping by and linking to me! I hope you get some more input! Oh, and Megan and I will be giving away FREE custom blog designs starting Jan 1, so make sure you come back to enter.

Anonymous said...

Wordpress... that would be because HH does all my advanced bloggy stuff. I'm a total poser!

My suggestion would be that you marry a techno-geek, like myself. But, you're probably already all attached to your current hubby and all, being that he fathered your kids and all...