Friday, December 7, 2007


Maria has a nice little place where her organizational talents clearly show! Her place is clean, easy on the eye, and a snap to use! She has lots of nice ideas to share and share she does! Just the other day, I downloaded her Christmas organizational tools. Oh hush, I know it is already December 7th! There is lots of great organizational talent out there, but Maria is my gal for today!! Go visit her!

Frugal Hacks
The title says it all! I love visiting places like this. I have a lot to learn and I certainly fail miserably in the frugal department A LOT, but at least I know where to go for advice. And here, there is also a nice list of all the other frugal hackers if I need more help! If I were you, I would add this one to your feed. We will all need it come January!

Reuseable Bags
I see this site as about conserving both our earth and our money (again with the frugal thing!). I enjoy this site. I added some Bento boxes and water bottles from here to the kids' Christmas list this year. And although I forgot to add it to my wish list, I sure do love their shopping bags! Hint, hint!!

Online Sweepstakes
I don't know why, but I figured this was sorta along the same lines as frugal if you could win something versus pay for it. Right? I used this site pretty regularly for about 2 weeks. But I got tired of typing in my info EVERY.TIME. Someone mentioned once there was a way to do it without the repeated typing, but I don't know how. HELP if you know how!! Especially since there always awesome things to win. At the point I was using it, I only entered the "one time entry" contests. I just couldn't see myself doing all of them. Let me know if you start doing this AND you win something!

Sweepstakes Advantage
I have never used this site, but added it for the same reason as above.

Happy Friday Fuzzy to all!

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Cara said...

;) Use Roboform I put in everything but my SS# and phone # because I don't like people to have that. I think it's and then I just used the free one, of course ;)