Monday, December 3, 2007

Have a holly jOWWW! WHAT was THAT?!

We headed out to our town square for the holiday festivities knowing we might encounter some cooler temperatures and a 30% chance of rain. We arrived early because the dance performances were supposed to start at 6pm (first miscommunication!) with the classes lining up 3 dances ahead of their performance. Even though we were #12 on the performance list, I am all about punctuality.

And a good parking spot.

We arrive to find some grade school kids preparing to entertain us with song (or so it seemed), however there was some suspiciously hurried people running around which made me think, "Now surely they are not still setting this thing up for a 6pm start?".

I think too much.

At some point, they started making some announcements. I say at some point because after you shiver long enough, you lose track of time. Unfortunately, you could not actually hear the announcements because the speaker system su..., um, did not work so well.

So, I finally learn that actually there is going to be singing, tree lighting, a parade, AND THEN dance performances.

People, I have my 3 yo son, 5 yo daughter, 85 yo grandmother, and a husband who prefers home over fun with me. Miscommunications are not part of the deal.

So the singing begins and concludes. Not sure when since you can't hear them. I just followed the crowd as far as clapping. Then as it had finally darkened enough, the countdown begins that leads to lights being lit.

Then something disguising itself as a parade began.

Oh dear!

I am thinking 8-12 floats max and some weren't really floats. That is unless you count hip hop librarians a float.

But the kids enjoyed waving at them all and gathering the candy that was being strewn on the street or handed to them.

And then right as you think you have endured to the end and it is almost time to do what you came for, you randomly think to yourself, "hmmm, wonder if my medical insurance covers bodily injury sustained from a tootsie pop torpedo?".

Right before this happens

Because, really, who ever thought you would have to sign a liability waiver just to watch a parade?

Seriously, it was dark and I was in shock momentarily as I tried to see who threw a FREAKIN' ROCK straight at my nose!!!!! When I finally could speak (I was standing with some other parents and their daughters as we waited for the dancing), I think I might have muttered enough to gather their attention to my source of extreme pain. I felt like my nose was broken and they let me know it was bleeding, so I took my daughter and made my way over to the rest of the family sitting on the benches. Then I made my way to the bathroom which was a miracle since I was fighting the crowd, the pain, and the feeling of seeing double.

And all the staring people.

In the end, I am surviving. It throbs off and on depending on my head position and what happens around my face. I am managing the wound to prevent scarring-forbid!! And I am going to use the injury for as long as I can as an excuse to explain the dark circles under my eyes. I have even endured people staring but not asking, those asking then helping me laugh about it, and those that just choose to laugh! We took the picture the same night, so I have since incurred a nice scab and some light green on the bridge of my nose and under my eyes.

The most important part of the evening was really about watching my daughter do such a good job dancing! I had been a little nervous watching dance class. She tends to sing more than dance, entertain herself in the mirror, and forget the next move. I mean they all do, but she is my only concern. Truthfully, once out there in front of the crowd, she rocked it out and really was one of the few who remembered her routine and performed for everyone.

Yes, a mother's pride goeth after a head injury.

After the performance, we were so hungry and tired, we did not even attempt the activities associated with the event.

So, we went and gorged ourselves on Chinese food and let more people stare awkwardly at me.

I leave you with pictures of my two favorite little people!



Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Oh bless your HEART, friend! Yikes! Ouch! Sending you many hope-this-doesn't-leave-a-scar prayers and wishes.

Miss Thang is too cute, by the way! I can't wait for the dance performance days ahead of us.

kel said...

Ouch, wow what a day.

kel said...

Ouch, wow what a day.

Jennifer said...

Well, at least you got a good parking spot, right? LOL! Sorry about the injury.

Your daughter is gorgeous! I love the second pic of her. And your son is a cutie pie too!

Jenna said...

Ouch!!! That does not sound like a fun evening! Glad the dancing went well in spite of the wait. Cute pictures of your kids! I am so glad that you have a digital camera now.

Martie said...

You are hilarious! I am so sorry about your poor nose. Your children are gorgeous.

Hope you heal quickly!!


Renee said...

They are such precious cuties Stacey!
So sorry about the owwwie!!!!