Saturday, December 31, 2011

Old, Older, and Not Quite Ready Yet!

These were my goal ideas for 2011.

I was actually pretty proud of these.  Simple.  Realistic.  Doable.

Here is what they looked like in my final draft plus my update:

2011 Resolutions

• Read 1 book a month.  Redo please.
• Organize 1 room a month.  Not so much, although I have had some recent bursts of energy in this area.  I have just felt so uninspired since moving into the house.  Gotta get my groove going here.
• Kid date 1 time a month.  Not as stated, but I think both of us have done better with 1:1 time with each kiddo. 
• Complete 1 project a month.  Nope.
• Exercise 3-4 times a week.  YES, YES, YES!
• Bible study 3-4 times a week.  I'm having some issues in this department.
• Blog post 3-4 times a week.  Just smile, nod, and move on.  But the Resurgence of 2012 is on!
• Memorize 1 verse a week.  Take a guess.
• Try 1 new recipe a week.  Not as stated, but I have tried lots of new recipes this past year.
• Organize computer.  Off and on.
• Organize blog.  Just recently.
• Work on vacation plans; skiing, California, Lubbock/San Angelo, Florida, Disney.  Skiing-thinking about March maybe; we'll see.  California-booked this week!!  Details later!  Lubbock/San Angelo-probably summer.  Florida/Disney-YES!  Can't wait to share that trip from this past August!  A longer Florida beach stay is a must though!

As compared to these high aspirations back in 2008!!

Let's revisit just for fun now shall we?!!

* Exercise 3 times a week.  Yes.

* Do back stretches 2 times a week.  Yes; incorporated into general exercise.

* Stretch 5 times a week.  Yes; same.

* 25 sit-ups & 25 push-ups 5 times a week.  Not so much, but that's about to change!  :)

* Increase organic and/or natural food purchases to 80% of total food purchases.  Ongoing; in progress.
* Increase food purchases from local growers, farmer's markets.  Not so much.  Need to work on that.

* Minimize sugar intake.  Ongoing; in progress.  I have my ups and downs, but I have seen changes when I do.

* Minimize caffeine intake.  Met, I would say!  I do decaf coffee mostly and other caffeine beverages infrequently.

* Take supplements daily.  Nope.  I can't seem to get into a routine with this.  Need to change that.

* Go to bed by 11 PM 4 nights a week.  Maybe, maybe not!  I know I should because it is an health essential.

* Eliminate 80% of plastic food storage containers.  I have done well with this, but could always do better.

* Eliminate 80% of "Made in China" purchases.  Up and down, but still important to me.

* Read Bible or work on a study 4 times a week.  I'm just going to hang my head in shame now.

* Have prayer and quiet time every day.  Oh, I pray every day.  Quiet time is another story.

* Implement and maintain a general household cleaning routine; daily, weekly, monthly.  I did really good with this several times, but not so much right now.  Gotta work on that!

* Implement a responsibility system for kids.  Up and down over years, but on upswing right now and planning for some new ideas this year.

* Implement a "value of the month" for kids.  I loved when we did this!  Might be time to try again.

* Implement a "verse of the week" for kids.  Totally need to get this one back in rotation!

* Implement daily quiet time for kids.  This was originally when the older kids were home several times a week.  Might try it again, but need to think of some ideas how to implement.

* Create a family schedule.  Hmmmm?!

* Spend at least 15 minutes alone with each child daily.  I do this at night with big kids.

* Play with both kids together daily doing purposeful (and fun!) activities.  This was originally when I had both big kids at home several days a week.  I need to make sure I am being purposeful with Brax now.

* Have a special activity with each child individually once a month.  This one is up and down.  Need to work on this.

* Read the bible with kids daily.  Oh, please don't ask!

* Work on academic activities with kids for 1 hour on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Then with big kids.  Just need to incorporate with Brax during our fun time.

* Continue monthly coop schedule; 2 Saturdays out, 1 Saturday keep kids.  Oh, oh, how I miss my coop...and my friends!

* Organize and transfer all video tapes to DVD/CD's.  Can we say 2011/2012?!  Finally started this week!  WooHoo!

* Organize all pictures.  Need to work on this on computer and hands-on.

* Transfer all pictures to CD's.  Now I want a picture transfer machine!

* Clean out and organize computer files.  Always in progress, but time for a redo anyway!

* Clean out/organize and back up all computer files once a month.  Nope.

* Clean out and organize email accounts.  Probably.

* Maintain clean and organized email accounts weekly.  Maybe.

* Purge and organize office/paperwork.  Always a work in progress!

* Maintain office organizational system monthly.  Ummm...

* Begin writing paid posts on blog.  A pipe dream and I don't consider it my thing anymore.

* Label and organize blog posts.  I did that at one time, but really would like to simplify list.  Not sure an easy way to do that.

* Update and reorganize blog categories.  Yes, and even had a recent purge.

* Update blog site or change to new one completely.  I did that and loved it for so long, but recently revamped on my own.  Work in progress.

* Clean out and update "favorites" list.  Did it.

* Learn how to "sweep" online contests quickly.  Nay, who has time!  Gave it up!

* Check emails 3 times a day.  This was back before I was smart phone savvy!  ;)

* Check and read Google Reader in evenings after kids are in bed.(weekdays)  I mostly read blogs from my phone, but NEED to get back to doing it on my computer so I can comment again.  Unless, anyone knows how I comment from my phone!

* Work on own blog posts/management 1 hour a day and after kids are in bed.(weekdays)  Total fail this last year.  I could barely find my blog much less post to it!

* Begin and finish Luke's 1st year scrapbook.  What?!

* Begin 2nd year scrapbook for Anysa and Luke.  Stop staring at me!

* Begin using current picture scrapbooks.  Sigh.

* Re-examine budget with husband.  Sure.

* Develop a plan to maintain budget guidelines for family.  Probably.

* Develop debt-reduction plan for 2008.  So many changes since then.

* Be 80-100% debt-free by December 31, 2008.  We're in a good place.

* Update all work reports.  Not applicable at this point.


I am pretty sure I still like my 2011 goals best, but I'm going to tweak just a bit and come back with the redo!  (The 2008 version is great as a back up though!)


ps. I broke my caffeine resolution tonight accidently, so yes I am really posting at 1 AM!  Yikes!  I see a nap in my future!

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