Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Or maybe it just looks that way with all the mass food preparation that I did this weekend!

I don't know what it was that made me do it.  Maybe my desire to lessen our opportunities to eat out or just save money in general.  Maybe the great meat prices with Thanksgiving next week.  Maybe my desire to do some sorta meal prep other than the crock pot.  I love my crock pot meals, but they usually just consist of roast and fixins or a whole chicken that I do something with.  I get several meals out of it either way, but I needed something new.

So, I spent a bit more at the grocery store and put together a few things this weekend.  The increase in my grocery bill will probably work itself out since I won't have to shop as soon for our next round of meals.

Breakfast for my kids can be a struggle in the mornings.  It is not that I don't have good stuff to offer them.  It is that I don't have the "right" stuff to offer them!  Interpretation:  I won't let them eat sugar for breakfast!!  So, I put together three packages of breakfast options other than what I usually offer.  Breakfast burritos with eggs, sausage, & cheese, bb with eggs and sausage, and sausage kolaches.  All frozen and can be quickly reheated in the mornings.  It has really worked out well this week!

I also bought a big spiral ham which we used for a family meal then I made three packages of ham for lunch meat.  I love the option of eating healthier lunch meat for a much smaller price.

THEN I cooked a big turkey!

I think I am going to change my name to Martha.

At least for this week!

As with the ham, we ate some for a family meal then I made turkey pasta alfredo the next night.  Yum!!  BTW, I made it with rice pasta and it was soooo good!  Although I usually only make a true pasta dish once a week, I still want to try to cut down on our gluten intake.  Don't worry, we are far from where I want to be, especially on Taco Night, but I have picky people I am dealing with!!  :)  Anyway, the rice pasta was so light and almost creamy.  Hate that it costs more.

I decided to snip the rest of the turkey into bite-sized pieces and bag it for other meals.  Seven family meals (even more if you count leftovers) out of one turkey is awesome!

My in-laws have an extra freezer, so I seriously think I am going to grab another turkey and ham while they are cheap for my next massive meal prep!


ps. I was also going to share about my new found love for coconut oil and coconut milk, but I will save that for another day!  (I know you can't wait, Cara!!)


Cara said...

You're great! I saw turkeys at Costco and thought they looked like too much work :o)

Glad you like coconut oil and milk, I'm looking forward to seeing what you think. Do you feel like your cravings are reduced?

What kind of coconut oil did you get?

Great idea with the pre-made breakfasts. Glad you found something the kids will go for :)

Jennifer H. said...

I will be sharing my cooking adventures soon, too! I think I will try to cook up even more freezer meals this weekend.

Coconut yogurt is a staple for Nolan. He loves it!!