Tuesday, November 24, 2009


This is old.  Everyone has already done it, but I am looking for stuff without a lot of effort this week.  Since I was tagged by almost everyone I know, either by blog or by facebook, here you go!

In no particular order.....

1.  I was born in Kansas.
2.  I was mostly raised in Oklahoma.
3.  I think I have earned my Texas stamp in my "passport" by now.
4.  I love to travel and have an international wish list.
5.  I traveled with my job for 2 years when I was single.
6.  I have lived in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Alabama, Florida, Oregon, Colorado.
7.  Mexico and Australia are stamped in my real passport.
8.  I used to love to scuba dive.
9.  I dived The Great Barrier Reef in Cairns, Australia.
10. I didn't know it was a happy place for sharks when I did it!
11. I love working with kids as an occupational therapist.
12. I always wanted to be a mother.
13. I have three great kids.
14. I am the oldest.
15. Most people will tell you that my birth order in apparent.
16. I have a brother 2 years younger and a sister 7 years younger.
17. I like my toilet paper to roll over.
18. I like my window blinds to be shut up.
19. I am a dishwasher loading snob.  I believe in maximizing before running.
20. I am trying to be smarter about food choices for me and my family.
21. I fluncuate with my "green" attempts.
22. I am a big city girl who is living in a small town.
23. I appreciate slow and quiet on my own terms.
24. I have a great family and the best friends ever.
25. I get to turn forty in January!


p.s. I tried to find my old 100 list to link here too.  The one where you check the things you have done.  I did it before I was real good about labeling my posts, so I might find it one day!


Cara said...

If you keep working on the healthy eating part, the 'green' will fall into place :)

You like your blinds to go up? I'm not sure about that! LOL!

The Carrell's said...

Numbers 12-20 could be copied EXACTLY to my own list of 25!! Too funny! It must be in the name;-) Hope you guys are doing well! Need to see some pictures of your little man!