Monday, November 30, 2009

Out of turkey, but here is some ketchup

A blur, I tell you.

It's all a blur!

Sorry if you don't like ketchup.  Just hold your nose and pretend it is mustard!

  • The kids were out of school all last week.  Of course, they loved it.  It was a nice break from the hurry and scurry of our usual routine, but I sure wish instead that we would save a few of those days for when we have no breaks in February!
  • The kids and I made a quick trip to Oklahoma to see family.  It had been a few months since the cousins got to play together, so they had a great time.  We visited with family and I saw a few local friends.
  • Prior to leaving last Saturday, we saw The Christmas Carol.  I did not read much about it before going, but I wish that I had.  We went through a Girl Scout event, so tickets were just $2 each.  Unless your child is at least 9 or 10, I would pass on this movie.  Actually, I would pass on the movie anyway.  I hate to say that because the animated work and 3D feature is really good, but the actual story presentation didn't work for me as at least half of the movie was creepy scary.  My 5-year old was in my lap during most of the "ghost" parts.
  • My mom has been here for the week which means my laundry and household cleaning is under control!  Yippee!  It also means that I have had the opportunity to get a few extras done around here plus run errands more easily if I needed to.  Yippee!
  • We ate at church again this year for Thanksgiving.  Good food with no prep or clean up!  That also means no leftovers, but we will survive.
  • We have been using my frozen turkey portions for meals, but I have also been adding back to my freezer in other ways.  I used the turkey bones to make a ton of turkey stock, made ham and beans with my ham bone, made a new batch of sweet pototoes for my baby, and tried my hand at making a batch of hummus.
  • I ended up making a double portion of hummus then freezing the other chickpeas until I can work on the recipe some more.  The first batch was ok, but a little dry and not the flavor I enjoy when I buy it commercially.  I used olive oil, lemon juice, cumin, and garlic.  I substituted the cumin for the tahini which I don't know where to buy.  I am ok with my current flavor, just not the dry part.
  • Yes, I participated in the commercialized craziness on Friday morning.  It helped to have a fussy baby at 3 AM, so once he was back to sleep I just got ready and headed to "W" at 4 AM.  I thought I was doing great getting there so early until I found out that a lot of people had been there all night shopping the specials (except for the big-ticket electronics) and just hanging out waiting for the prices to be effective starting at 5 AM.  Whatever!  Nice of them to let everyone know, not that I would have been there much earlier!  I really just picked up a few things I needed and was over at Home Depot for what I really new 7' pre-lit tree for $49!!  I would love a real tree every year, but my husband says no and we both dislike dealing with lights each year anyway.  Maybe a small real tree one day!
  • We did Christmas decorating on Friday afternoon.  My decorating is even simpler than last year.  The kids and I did the tree again with paperchain garland and the most-loved decorations, then I set out stockings and a few other simple decorations.  I figured keeping it simple would help in a lot of ways now and when takedown occurs.
  • And yes, I went to bed at 7:30 PM that night!!
  • I really have most of the shopping done except for a few online purchases.  My problem is dealing with organizing and wrapping everything.  Since I am one to shop during the year (and after holidays) for great deals, I have to go through my stuff to remember what I have and who I need to give it to.  And since my "hobby" room is a disaster, my job is more difficult right now.  GOT to clean that thing!!
  • I did manage to retrieve my sewing machine out from the clutter and make Christmas dresses for A and my two nieces.  Just simple pillow case dresses...the ones I love to do except I always forget how much I detest the armholes!!  :)  I am going to make B a "cootie cover" (for shopping carts and restaurant high chairs) for Christmas and I am hoping that A and I can make some cute fleece scarves for teachers and friends before I need to put it away again.
I will try to ~ketchup~ more later, but I am off to pick up L from school.



Cara said...

What do you think of the broth? Or have you always done this? Cuz I just started doing it within the last year or so, and I love it!

Mommy Cracked said...

Wow!! I'm exhausted just reading all that you guys accomplished last week!! Sounds like a fun filled time!

kelli said...

Tahini is wet, not just a dry spice. That's probably why your hummus was dry. My mom gets hers at whole foods- not sure how far that would be for you. Check a health food store or something. :)