Monday, December 7, 2009

Rite of passage

This was such a video-worthy moment.

Too bad we didn't have our video camera!

It was classic.

We had arrived around 10 AM, knowing that Santa started receiving kids at 11 AM.  We needed to head up the line as we were due at a birthday party by 11:30.  Once arriving, there was already a lot going on.  I remembered Breakfast with Santa was that morning but had not signed us up.  The kids belong to the kids' club, but we live an hour away so I had kinda forgotten about it.

I sent my husband to get in the picture line and I took the big kids for breakfast.  They got several hugs from Santa, along with breakfast. 

We were indeed first in line for pictures too.

As we waited for the photographer, A and L even got a little extra chat time with Santa.

As B looked on the whole time. 

Happy, curious, and wiggling out of my arms the whole time.

That is all he does these days is wiggle out of my arms!

Once we were ready, the big kids took their places and I sat B on Santa's lap.

He turned and looked him squarely in the face. 

Stared for several seconds.


Poor Santa.  He gets such a bad wrap sometimes.

The whole thing was just priceless.

There was full-on crying from B and lots of attempts at consoling and entertaining him from everyone else.  He would look at us and cry then look back at Santa just to make sure he was worth crying over then cry at us some more!!  After a few attempts, we lucked out with a mid-cry plea for mercy look from B and pretty good smiles from A and L.

My husband quickly scooped him up as I paid.

The kids all did great, so I am pretty sure they are all getting what they asked for from Santa this year. 

Well, except for the kitten and the puppy.

That would make Mommy cry!


p.s. See my sweet L holding B's hand to comfort him!  Ahhhh!


Jennifer H. said...

I LOVE that picture! It is great! I can't believe how big they are getting.

Jenna said...

That is super cute! I think it looks like he is smiling :)