Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One day at a time

It wasn't my favorite show.

But, it is my favorite theme these days!

You know how at parties, you have your paper plate that you fill up too full and you get the bend-almost-break thing going on, but you manage to keep the plate intact long enough to sit down and put it on your lap?

Right before you knock your glass of something over on your host's carpet?

Or something like that!

Well, that is how I feel right now.

Just trying to keep my plate from breaking these days!

So, if it has to be done, it is probably getting done last minute.

Including my presents, which will likely be wrapped or bagged on Christmas Eve!

On top of that, I so behind with visiting all my favorite cyber homes!  Have the holiday cheer ready because I hope to stop by real soon!!!



Kimmy said...

I feel the same way. It's a horrible feeling. I've got lots on my agenda for this week and next, leading up to Christmas and it will be a miracle if I get it all done.
Hey, at least you've found some time to blog. I haven't even been able to do that!

Jenna said...

A) Perfect analogy
B) I am right there with you
C) Good luck getting everything done

Melissa in Mel's World said...

Hey girlie!!!

I seriously LOVE that analogy...I am SO right there with you this year.

I've talked to so many people this Christmas season that are really "struggling" to juggle all the hats, or in this case the bulging plate.

Thank you for your transparency, your heart, and for being YOU!

Big Hugs,
Melissa in Mel's World