Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A few little people projects

I saw these online and thought they would make easy and cheap gifts that A could help me sew.

She has requested a "sewing kit" for Christmas, but I thought we would get an early start.

I think I spent about $25 on all the fleece.  I bought 4 yards~1 of each kind.

We ended up getting 6 long and 2 short scarves out of each set of fleece.  16 gifts seems pretty darn good for $25!!

L was really interested in helping too, so he helped me with the boy scarves and A helped me with the girl scarves.  The sewing was super super easy.  Just a simple straight stitch down the middle of the pieces to keep them together.  It took me longer to cut out the scarves and cut the fringe than the actual sewing.  Makes for a great activity while catching up on my DVR shows.

Here they are modeling their own scarves.

I was interrupting a Christmas show...can you tell?!

Not exactly sure what he is doing.  Probably a rock star move!

I told them to act like superstars.  Notice L's hair.  They had just performed their version of the Grinch for us after prepping and practicing upstairs.  He was the Grinch and B was his dog Max!  Ha!

After hearing about several people sewing their own baby leg warmers, I took a shot at them too.  I picked up a pair of ladies' long socks for $1.50 and watched a video on YouTube to make sure I didn't miss anything.  Cutting and sewing took about 15 minutes.  Literally!!  Probably would have only taken me 10 minutes had there not been interruptions!  :)  I think they turned out cute.  I may try to find some more socks at the outlet store in town and make a few more.

Here is my littlest super model!
(The bum would have been much cuter if I had some gDiapers in his size!!)

The cuffs around the ankles are made from the foot part of the sock.  I don't have a surger, so my pseudo-surging stitch was a little sloppy, but no one can see that part thank goodness!

Singing for us as he models his new look!  This is my life right now....he always needs a bib and he is always on the go!  :)

Now if I can only get B's cootie cover sewn before Christmas!


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Cara said...

Love the leg warmers! I hadn't seen those with the cuff like that before.

And the scarves are really neat as well, I love doing stuff with kids, makes it so much more fun :)