Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lucky 7

Hello Everyone!

I turned 7 months old last week! Mommy and I can barely remember everything I did last month because I am even busier these last few weeks!

But here goes....

A and L had Thanksgiving week off from school, so we headed to Oklahoma for a few days. I really enjoyed playing with cousin L, but like most girls, she thinks she is the boss! :)

I went for my 6 month check-up and got the thumbs-up! I am up to 18 pounds. Mommy says I get a break and won't go back for another visit until I am 9 months old.

I love hanging out with Aunt J and the girls when Mommy is working. Aunt J says that I am growing too fast and that I am a good boy when I am there. Well, of course! :)

I am keeping the bib industry in business because I need a new one frequently. No tooth yet, but I can assure you I am working on it! To keep my gums happy, I have become a great taste-tester. Magazines are pretty and make fun noises, but a little on the dry side.

My eczema got really bad last month and Mommy thought it was all the drooling I do. Turns out I had something called Fifth's Disease. Hey, I am not even 5 yet! Mommy was surprised when the rash showed up because she said that I never showed any other symptoms. The bright red cheeks followed by the rash gave her a clue.

I still love to nurse but I don't let that stop me from missing any table meals. The high chair makes a great drum set! I haven't mastered the "more" sign, but banging on my tray seems to do the trick most times. ;) Mommy keeps me on a healthy diet of veggies and fruit. She even found out that I will eat green beans if she seasons them with applesauce. Sneaky Mommy!

I love to grab the spoon from Mommy. Food just seems to taste better when I do it myself, plus I get a little gnawing in on the spoon.

We got to have my friend O and his big sister over one night. Mommy wouldn't let me play too rough with him, but he sure is cute.

I love when Mommy and I walk around outside. I am really interested in all the animals and noises. She has taken me on a few walks with a little stroller and it is cool to see everything from a new position. She wants to get a new baby carrier because she says that I am a wiggle worm whenever she has to carry me around.

I love to splash in my little bathtub!

Crawling is a cool way to travel! I am super speedy now and can really surprise everyone when I show up in new places without them looking! I discovered they have been holding out on me as far the other rooms in the house. I have even found the Christmas tree. Ooooo-pretty! The lights and branches are fun to touch!

My newest favorite thing is to stand up on my knees and play. Yay me! Mommy thinks I am going to be in trouble soon! Don't tell A, but I am hoping to break her record of walking on her 10-month birthday-shhhh!

I love love love to talk!  Sometimes, I just do rasberries, but most of the time I have something important to say.  Usually bababa or papapa.  I like to sing along with the kids in the car, too.  Mommy thinks my squeal is cute.  Loud, but cute!  When I laugh, it sounds like a little chuckle bubbling out of my throat.  I crack myself up sometimes.  I am even happy at 5 in the morning.  Mommy and Daddy, not so much!

Mommy and Daddy took us to see some really cool Christmas lights at a place called Santa Land. We got to roll down the windows and see all the pretty things.

I can't wait for my first Christmas! I saw some presents under the tree with my name on them! Mommy said she did my shopping for me this year. I hope A and L like what I got them!

Enjoy the pictures!

Merry Christmas!


Checking out the tree for the first time!  Please excuse the cut-offs....toes were getting squooshed!

The red cheeks!  But still happy!

Preferred mode of play

Reading a good book

Posing for a pic

Yucky eczema

Made worse by Fifth's

The rash

Hey you up there!

Laundry helper

Mommmm!  L won't share!

Gumming the good stuff!  Still working on getting to his mouth.

Whoooo meeee?


The beloved bag of crayons that he beelines to!

Hmmm, maybe if I use my mouth?

Can you believe he is doing this to his Momma?!
(just a note...this is not my house in the pic below.  i don't do baby walkers.  ;0 )
(just another note...sorry, the ot in me made me say that!)

Good to last the lick!

How d'you like them apples?!!



Kimmy said...

Thanks for the update! I love all the pictures! He is adorable!
Have a very Merry Christmas, Stacey!

Loni said...

He is so very adorable, Stacey!

I hope you and your entire family had a very Merry Christmas!

Cara said...

What a cutie! 7 months, he's growing up so quickly! Have you considered making a mei tai? I love mine, Sam still uses it every day. And Ergos are worth every penny as well, I still use mine with Hannah sometimes (she's 3)

You're funny with the walkers. We don't do them either :)

Anonymous said...