Friday, November 13, 2009

Apparently, he didn't get my memo

The memo informing him that,

"As my last baby, you are, under no circumstances, to grow up too fast."

Here is my evidence that he either didn't get my memo or that he is choosing to ignore it.

In case you missed it, I will review.

He is crawling.

Exactly 2 days prior to turning 6 months old.

Several weeks ago, I figured that my days were numbered.

He had really been rocking on his hands and knees, along with twisting and turning every direction and commando crawling to the object of his desire.

This kid is breaking my heart already! 



Someone Being Me said...

Wow, mine was 7 months Wednesday and isn't close to crawling yet. Not that I mind...

Julie-Anne said...

What a sweetie! I can't imagine crawling just shy of 6 months! They really are full of surprises. So cute!

Julie-Anne :)

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

ahhhhhhhhhhh! too fast, too fast!!!

Loni said...

He's ready to be on the move with his sister and brother! He is adorable, Stacey!

Cyndy said...

He's just too cute. And yes, he is growing up way too quickly!!!