Monday, November 23, 2009

He may only be half a year, but he is my whole heart

Hi Everyone!

I hit the hump month! I am 6 months old and there is no stopping me now!

I have had a lot of fun this past month!

I visited my first Pumpkin Patch while the big kids were there for a birthday party. I skipped the hayride but had fun checking out all the orange pumpkins. My first Halloween was interesting. We went to a church carnival where it was loud and crazy. A and L got lots of candy but they didn't share any with me. Mommy said I was the same cute frog that L had been when he was 4 months old. I am sure that I was cuter!

I made a visit to the doctor and I now weigh 17 pounds. It must be all that good food Mommy has been letting me eat. The high chair is not my favorite place to be unless a spoonful of yummy is coming towards my mouth. So far, I have tried sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, bananas, blueberries, plums, and rice cereal. Mommy even made me my own special food with of few of those things. Lately, I like to play with the spoon and suck the food off my thumb. Sometimes I fuss at Mommy when she is not feeding me fast enough, but I stop when she does this weird talking with her hands. She calls it sign language but it just looks like fun motions to me. All I know is that when she says "more?" with her voice and her hands, I am like YES!

I graduated from my first ever baby bed, the bassinet. I was able to sneak my head over the top and that made Mommy nervous. Now, I sleep in the pack-n-play instead. They made it super cushy for a good night's rest. Too bad for Mommy and Daddy that I am not much in the mood to sleep through the night anymore! Maybe it is because of all the groovy things I can do during the day that has me tossing and turning at night.

I have joined the crawler's club. I still like to commando crawl for my quick moves, but I can officially coordinate some pretty cool moves on all four appendages as well. And I go for what I want! If it looks like it might be fun to play with or it might taste good, then I turn on my turbo crawl! A and L better watch out!

If it ever stops raining, I can still supply enough water with my drool to fill the pond! Mommy doesn't like that my chin and neck are always wet because she has to keep a bib on me or let me go naked. I like naked! Mommy keeps lots of lotion on me because of the rash under my chin.

I still love when you sing to me and I really love hand motions. I like to hold your hands and make them clap and I am really getting the hang of banging things together myself. That is if I can keep them out of my mouth long enough! I am a pretty curious kid and I am always interested in what is going on around me. I can even do a 180 twist to find it behind me! I love to laugh and Mommy says that I have an infectious giggle. You can hear it when you tickle my sides or around my chubby thighs. I usually giggle the loudest when you give me snuggle kisses on my neck! Sometimes I even giggle at my own jokes. Mommy thinks that is the funniest thing!

Mommy says that Christmas is coming soon. She told me to make a list for Santa since I will for sure be on the "Nice" list!
See you soon!


He thinks he is going to get to eat S'mores!

My little pumpkin!

Really, I love carrots.  Really, I do.

Playin' around!

Watching brother play football

Practicing my own "sport"-crawling!

Hanging out with my little buddy at Girl Scouts.  Notice who is in charge!

Melt a Momma's heart!

His "cage" as named by brother and sister!