Friday, November 13, 2009

Wife, Mother, Thief

When you are in a hurry, who has time to pay?


Yesterday, after work, I had scurried (trying new words!) into Staples to make some copies and pick up some envelopes to mail such copies.  While the copies were running, I grabbed the package of envelopes before finishing up with my copy purchase.

It's all about efficiency these days!

After I gathered up my stuff, I used the self-serve kiosk to scan my Rewards card and pay for my copies.

And off I went to pick up the kids from school. 


With my loot in hand!

I will be heading back to Staples later today to actually pay for my purchase!!

Hopefully, I will make it before the warrant goes out for me.


1 comment:

Cara said...

They'll understand! :) We're all scattered these days.

We do envelope budgeting (Dave Ramsey style- cash) and I left my entire grocery envelope up at the checkout at Costco and walked out. An employee ran it out to me. People are still surprisingly honest!