Friday, June 25, 2010

End of the year fun!

A had a super fun "fun" day during her last week of school.  Not that they hadn't been having fun the last TWO weeks of school with no work to speak of, field trip, rodeo, fun day, and early release the last two days of school!

I don't usually get to attend the fun events.  Somehow they always end up on my work days.  I was so glad to spend a bit of the day with her!

Beach Ball Golf

Sno-cones and girl friends!

Going for it!!

My girl is a thrill-seeker...awesome!

Nothing like an oiled-up slip and slide!

Potato sack race

B and O chillin' at the sno-cone stand!

"Dude, I am so over this hat!"  (B almost always refuses to wear one!)

"Me love to eat!"

My sweet girl received a Citizenship Award at the last Principal's Pride day!  After dealing with some girl drama for a good bit of the year, she rose above it and her teacher noticed.

Thank you Mrs. J for being part of our village!

L having a blast at his Fun Day!

Hula hooping is sweaty work!



Anonymous said...
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Cindy said...

Wow that looks like a fun day! Makes me wish I was still in school... not really.

And kudos to your girl getting recognized for "rising above". I bet that made your mommy heart proud.