Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ONE great party!

Honestly, I shouldn't even be talking about this.


I mean, really, he is still supposed to be a tiny newborn cradled in my arms.  Well, I guess 9 pounds can't really be considered tiny, but a newborn nevertheless!

But we are here, in this moment of our lives, with a busy~very busy~toddler!

Toddler!  It hurts just saying it!

I had one of the attendees be my designated photographer.  So with over 250 pictures to choose from, I am giving you fair warning that this is a picture-heavy post!! 

The yummy buffet before the guests arrived!  We did some simple finger foods that would please both kids and adults.

The guest of honor's table.

The cake turned out great!  It was a tad too expensive based on what I have paid for great cakes in the past, but I plan to balance the budget by making L's birthday cake this year.  B's favorite books are his Baby Einstein books, so I did his party based on that theme.  It turned out really cute!

Pre-party shots.  These are some of my favorite pics that I took before the guests arrived.

I also took my traditional birthday boy shots with family.  This was his best smile of the day because big sister was entertaining him behind me.  He isn't quite the camera ham that my other two were, so smiling on cue doesn't happen too often.  I need to work on that!  :)

My Dad and his wife

My Grandmother

Big sister

My Mom

Big brother

Aunt J~she keeps him for us twice a week.

Checkin' out the decor!

Sigh....that face!

Welcoming one of his "girl"friends!  He and his girls play together at Aunt J's house.  Apparently, they both adore each other and bicker together like true siblings!

Mommy and Daddy

Just moments before he digs a finger into the fondant!

Why are all these people singing to me, Mommy?
(Notice brother arriving late in the background!!)

Ooooo, so pretty!

What is this colorful looking stuff?

WHOA! First-time sugar rush!

Let me give it just one more try.

And another.

And maybe just one more.

My last one, I promise!

Mommy has been holding out on me!

So I am going to stuff as much in mouth as I can in case it never happens again!
(That's right, not for awhile!!)

Keep stuffing!

Even more stuffing!

People, did you know about this stuff?

What do you mean, no more?

Now, that is a BIG cake!

Mommy helping blow out the candle.

Not on my birthday, Mommy!  You know how much I hate to wash my hands and face!

Socializing with the party guests.  This is his other "girl"friend.

I requested that friend guests bless us with their presence, but if they couldn't resist the urge, then books were a favorite past time for him.  Well, they were!  Now, he is on a perpetual search and destroy mission these days!!!

He also got some yummy organic snacks and an outfit from his little buddy.

Yea, books!

Checking them out.

Sister helping him open.


Family got him clothes, shoes, and our new upgraded umbrella stroller.

Gift bag boo-boo!

Brother wanting to help

I love puzzles and think they are great early on for kids.  These are his first non-handy-me-down ones!

Attempted party pics!  Hazards of too many photographers!

Turning 1 takes a lot of energy!
(I love this picture because I have a very similar one of A at her first birthday party!)

Tired eyes

I think I will rest right here for just a minute.

Party headache

Maybe if I turn over this way.

Or this way.

Wait!  I think I see someone fun coming my way!

Renewed energy!

This was such a sweet moment near the end of the day.  B was obviously very tired when S's Daddy picked him up.  Apparently, they do this head to head thing when he picks up his daughter at their daycare.

The perfect spot for a little head.

Ending his special day with a cozy nap.

Now we full-force into toddlerhood!

Mommy needs a nap!



Kimmy said...

Happy Birthday, B! Wow, it's hard to believe he's already one!!!! It looks like you had a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

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Cindy said...

Awww... those are awesome pics! I love the head leaning back on the chair poses. My little one does the same thing. Too funny!

政弘 said...
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Anonymous said...

Look at that sweet boy! I cannot believe he is one.

Could you ask him to slow down the growing a little, though? Sheesh!

IrwinE_若愛Buchholz0723若愛 said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

He is absolutely adorable. I love that stage. He reminds me so much (physically) of Jack at that age. All boy, so solid!

Well I also have to say "thanks" for reading all my long wordy posts of late! :) It was funny to read your dawning realizations and hear the bubbles bursting on the other side of the screen, ha ha! It just goes to show you, even with the best intentions we can come across as something "other." I certainly had no intention of presenting a picture of myself that was any different from reality, but (chuckling to self) - if you were under the impression that we don't watch Disney tv, somewhere I have definitely led you astray. :)

There is DEFINITELY a difference between how I parented when the girls were 6 and 8 and how I parent now. As my friend, Mary Katherine, says: "Those third ones are just worldly." :)

They are also funny, comfortable, and well-adjusted, for the most part. ha ha! I'm tireder, mellower, and far less zealous than I was at 25. Whether this is a good or bad thing remains to be seen.

But I am truly glad that you caught a glimpse into my "real world!" If you were nearby, we could have a cup of coffee and expound upon that! :)

Y'all have a great week. Enjoy that big boy of yours!

Martie said...

I cannot, CANNOT believe he is one already! Happy birthday!!