Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Eyes knew it!!!

The Saturday of Mother's Day weekend, a lady at our church hosted a Mother's Brunch.  My mother was in town, so she, myself, and my MIL attended the event.  R had moved from the same area as me several years before, so we shared a kindred spirit about living in a small town.  I have enjoyed getting to know her.

We had a lovely brunch followed by several of the women sharing some of their personal stories on motherhood.  As we sat down to eat, a lady I did not know asked if she could join us at our table.  She introduced herself then R came over and shared that she and this lady had been friends for many years after meeting at church.  She still lives in the area that R and I had moved from.

R also shared that she was a published author in several magazines, so our conversation turned to that and learning more about her.  As she shared, we all ended up talking about where we were from and all the other things that come with that.  I asked her what she did.  Her reply was "I am a mom.". 

As we ate and talked, I had this nagging feeling that I knew her from somewhere but couldn't really place her.  I mentioned that she looked familiar but we ended up leaving at the fact that it was probably due our previously living in the same area.

That familiar tug kept pulling.  There was something about her face, her eyes that just made me know that I knew her.


Our conversation turned to families and children.  She inquired about my family and she mentioned that she had a 6 year old.  We talked about being moms.  Me having B later on and her starting her family later than she had planned.

Chat, chat, chat.


Then that nagging feeling turned into a lightbulb!

And my curiosity got to me.

So I asked her, "Is your 6 year old a boy?".


My ears started burning and my heart did a little flutter.  I put my hand on her arm, cocked my head to the side, leaned in a bit closer, and asked.....

"Are you Antique Mommy?"

After she smiled and confirmed my nagging feeling, I can't tell much else of what took place other than I probably embarassed myself and her by my excitement.  I got all gushy (word?) and shared with the table how I knew her.  Of course, none of them are blog readers but they all thought that was so neat.

All the while, the flow of thoughts in my head went something like this....


She was gracious and nice and it was a fun experience.  She doen't have the picture on her header anymore, but the reason I recognized her was because of her eyes.  She used to have a picture of just her eyes and they are so pretty and distinct which is why the nagging feeling wouldn't go away.  Isn't that fun?!

I am still terrible about commenting, but hope to remedy that soon.  When you head over to meet her, tell her that I said "Hi!!". 



Kimmy said...

That's so cool! I wonder what would happen if you and I suddenly encountered each other . . . Personally, I'd be thrilled! There is only a handful of blogging friends that I have not met in person and I likely won't in this lifetime. But I would love to have coffee with my blogging friends. That would just make my day!

Anonymous said...

OMGosh! You met Antique Mommy!?! How cool are you?!

I'm so jealous-- of you for meeting her & of her for meeting you.

One day!!