Wednesday, June 16, 2010

All for you...but mostly for me.

The big kids are attending evening VBS at the park this week, so I have a few hours each night that I am using to desparately try to catch up around here.

Last night, I completed the following:

downloaded and organized a bunch of pictures on my computer

prepped 8 posts with pictures (waiting for words)

labled 9 posts with ideas (waiting for words)

labeled 1 post that will never be thanks to the kick-in-the-gut realization that the pictures were mistakenly deleted before downloaded to the computer.  :( 
(maybe I will get lucky and find them floating around somewhere on my computer...sigh.)

Hopefully, I can finish most everything in the next 2 evenings!!



Jennifer said...

Wow - I need some of your blogging energy! I need to get on some sort of blogging schedule if I'm going to stand a chance of sticking with it this time!
So sorry about the pictures - that is a sickening feeling! I hope you find them!

Anonymous said...

You go girl! Ack about the lost pics, though. That stinks!