Tuesday, December 9, 2008

All I want for Christmas

It had been awhile since my dtr lost her 2 bottom front teeth. Her 2 top front ones had been getting more loose over time, but she was quite hesitant for the big pull!

She finally lost one while we were sitting in church. It was so loose that it simply fell out in her mouth and didn't even bleed! We were both a little shocked!

The other one lingered a bit longer.

She was watching TV and said she was twisting on it when it popped out!

She was actually thrilled.

The progression....

A cute girl with 2 top front teeth that are very loose!

A cute girl with 1 lost tooth and a very snaggly other one!

A cute girl who needs 2 top front teeth for Christmas!

The new teeth are already peeking through, so she might just get her teeth for Christmas after all!!



The West's said...

what good timing!

Katie lost a side tooth last week, and Anna has her two front bottom teeth coming in behind the baby teeth (Katie's did that too - we lovingly refer to them 'shark teeth')... Bethany and I both had dental checkups last week, and with all the loose tooth talk in our house right now, she was a little afraid to go b/c she thought he would take out her teeth too!

Mommy Cracked said...

She is too cute! And she totally looks just like you.