Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's all good

I just have not had time to tell the stories!

I had to prep for a full house over Thanksgiving which meant no Christmas decorating until this week. I usually like to decorate right before or right at Thanksgiving, but it just was not possible this year.

We had my sister's family and my mom here for 4 days. That meant 2 6-year old girls and 2 4-year old boys, 1 10-week old baby girl, and 5 adults! Crazy fun!

While I did prep several meals for the freezer before they arrived, we did not have to make the T-day meal. We decided to eat at our church where they serve the community workers, shut-ins, jail, and anyone in the church family that wants to eat. Good food without the mess!

The time mostly consisted of the kids playing (and cleaning!) with their toys. It was loud most of the time, but they did pretty well over the 4 days. We had some outdoor time before the weather got rainy, took them to see Bolt, and I had them help me with a decorating project which they loved doing! Yea for me!

My sister and I did brave the crowds for a little early morn shopping. I only needed a few things offered and we only hit one store, but it was ridiculously crazy! I took care of a few things for the kids, some friends, and me!

I reached a new level of sleep heaven and managed to find a set of the 500-count sheets being offered for $20! They were actually all gone when I went looking, but I found a set (right color, right size!!) dumped by someone else while standing in line to check out! Score!

I actually scored my other two Christmas presents a little early this year. My husband and brother-in-law installed a new garage door opener and 2 sets of motion-sensitive lights for my garage and back porch. My BIL is very handy and I am so glad he was around to inspire my husband to get those things done.

Now if we can only get the garage cleaned so I can park in there! Sounds like another weekend project coming up!

Some picture highlights:

The kids hard at work on making my Christmas tree paper chains!

The paper chain results!

Night time reading

Now on to Christmas!


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