Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Mom, Look at this!!!!"

When my son watches TV, you can almost bet you are going to hear this!

He loves him some "As Seen On TV" products!

Most are things he thinks he NEEDS! Other times, he is just looking out for the best interest of his family.

He would love a Snuggie and thinks I could probably use one too. Good thing they are "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" right now!

Of course, he really really needs Aqua Dots and a Hover Copter.

There are about a bazillion other toy-like things he has his eye on for both him and his sister, but I almost went blind trying to find just a few on the official website! It's crazy!

After watching his Gigi kill a huge plant this summer, he just knew she needed the Aqua Globes.

He thought the Instant Flower Garden looked really cool this summer. And I must admit, I almost ordered it because gardening was not at the top of my list this year.

He is also sure that I would love the Memo Mate or the My Little Reminder.

When there was a dog at his grandparents, this Pedi Paws was high on his list.

He got the Rocket Rod for his birthday, but it was a flop. Don't bother!

His Daddy really needed the Weed Claw.

I am just thankful he has not discovered the The Clapper commercial. Can you imagine one of those things in a house with a 4-year old boy? It has taken us over a month for him to stop playing with the automatic van doors!

I am more thankful that he has not seen the Ageless Woman commercial!

His latest fav is Bendaroos. I have always used Wikki Stiks with my kids in therapy, so I do think they are cool. He keeps reminding me that they don't stain or make a mess.

He might have made a sale!



kelli said...

Oh yes, G is the same way! She about freaked out trying to explain space bags to me, and then nearly lost her mind when I told her we already own some. Joy like I have never seen before...

Jennifer H. said...

Haha! I understand this boy. I am an "As Seen on TV" junkie! I really want the aqua globes!

Anonymous said...

Last year I knew my kids had seen too much tv when I said, "I am so sleepy!" and Claire said so seriously, "You need LUNESTA."

kel said...

BRaden is the same way he is convinced I need that shoulder organizing purse.

Anonymous said...

I'm a sucker for the stuff I see on TV, too! As a matter of fact, I scored not one, but two Ped Eggs for Christmas! I will certainly be flip flop ready by the Spring!