Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's the only thing I know to ask

I have worked on several superficial things to post about, but none of it feels appropriate right now.

Please pray for a very dear friend. For her family. Especially for her mother.

Over the weekend, both of her parents were admitted to the hospital. Her father required stints for 2 extensively blocked arteries.

Her mother has cancer.

After turning yellow, they discovered a blockage in her bile duct. The blockage was a malignant tumor that involved both her bile duct and her liver. Operations and transplants are not possible. I am unclear if any treatment is being offered at this time. Her mother is in pain.

Each message has been clear about two things.

The doctors are not offering much hope.

They are leaning on God for their hope.

My friend's parents are both very faithful and active people.

Would you please fervently pray for my friend's mother.

It is the only thing I know to ask.



texastanya said...

Sweet friend, I am praying that God would touch each one with his healing hand.

Loni said...

I am praying for peace in their hearts and God's will for their lives.

I am sorry. That must be so very hard, especially at Christmas.

Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

Wow, how awful, Stacey. I'll definitely pray for them and for your friend. Are they at least in the same hospital so they can be seeing each other? What a horrible situation right at Christmas. God is able to do whatever he wants - we have to pray and wait. I'll pray for peace for her and that God will give them all his love and comfort.

Kimmy said...

Yes, I'll be praying.