Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

I am just warning you, it is a picture-heavy post! Don't feel obligated! It is mostly for my record-keeping and other family viewing.

Part I
My husband's side has an extended family Christmas gathering each year. It includes gifts for the kids, the adult White Elephant game, and lots of food. This year was no exception.

A pretty new dress

The latest star of the family

He loved his new clothes and puzzle.

My dtr with the Daddy of the new baby.

Fun for hours....or something else to find containment for!

The kid table. My kids love their big girl cousins!

Part II
We spent Christmas Eve day eating and opening presents at my in-laws.

My son got a little remote helicopter. It kept both the little and the big kids entertained for quite awhile! The funny story is how he got one last year, but promptly flew into the roaring fire in the fireplace!

Looking at Gigi's new kid calendar.

He successfully scored one "as seen on tv" item!

He really wanted a new "real" scooter (not his old baby one with 3 wheels) so he could go as fast as sister.

Challenging Gigi to a game of mini air hockey.

She was pretty disappointed with this Baby Alive....can't you tell?!

A girl never has too much make-up.

Our gift-a new digital video camera.

Princess puff paints.

Part III
We ended the evening back at home, opening just a few presents and baking cookies for Santa. I prefer opening family gifts on Christmas Eve to leave room for Santa's gifts the next morning, but the kids were already indulged so we decided on just a few gifts that night.

Earlier this month, the kids went shopping for us. They could hardly wait for us to open our gifts. Gloves for Daddy and 4 cute pregnant/mommy ornaments for our tree for me.

They were excited to give each other gifts too. A soccer ball for him and princess game and puzzle for her.

They loved their new pj's and robes. My son feels like such a little man with his robe and slippers on.

My kids love to color so their giant coloring books were a hit.

Waiting! (6:50 AM!)



**Two of the most important things on my kids' lists were a Cupcake Maker/Decorator for her and a Hotwheels loop for him. Both were secured at my wee-morning shopping trip after Thanksgiving. Both were discovered my by daughter a few days prior to Christmas. After my head exploded, I quickly rearranged a few gifts and we survived.

More good things!

By 8 AM, we had opened gifts, put together a Hotwheels track, and baked 2 cupcakes!



Kimmy said...

I loved all the pictures! It looks like you had a great time, and you, by the way, look great!!

Mommy Cracked said...

Great pics! The kids look so excited!