Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Happenings

This weekend we drove to a neighboring town to see the North Pole of Texas. The kids went last year with their grandparents, but the line was so long that they missed out on the actual train ride. We did have to wait awhile this year, but the kids played, watched the attractions, and drank hot chocolate. It was a neat experience, but I will let you check out the website for all the details.

Blogger was messing me up, so I won't spend time putting my pics in sequential order!

On the train and meeting Santa in the Toy Shop

Along the ride

While waiting in line

The kids and I worked on teacher gifts on Sunday. Chocolate-covered Christmas Pretzels-yum! I tried to be the cool mom and let the kids do as much as possible, but it only lasted so long! My son lasted about 4 pretzel rods before I kicked him out of the kitchen. All he wanted was to eat the chocolate and the sprinkles. And besides, I didn't think the teachers would appreciate his germs all over their goodies! My dtr lasted a lot longer and enjoyed the process.

I am sure I will be discovering sprinkles in my kitchen for days!

This last week of school will be crazy, as I am sure it will be for most of you! Christmas party tonight, Girl Scouts Tuesday, church Wednesday, Cheer practice Thursday, possible party Friday, Christmas family party Saturday!


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Anonymous said...

That looks like a really fun place! I don't think I would've lasted 4 pretzels before kicking myself out of the kitchen. I almost got kicked out of the living room last night while we were trying to get our Christmas card shots! :-)