Monday, January 12, 2009


Just a general mommy/baby update today.

But with a twist at the end!

Everyone has been so sweet with their kind words and comments regarding our newest arrival and my appearance!

I wanted to assure everyone that I am truly handling the boy news OK. Not that I doubt y'all, but just in case a random reader thinks I am ungrateful! :) I am very happy to be having a boy. Just sad not to be having a girl. I am OK with those feelings because I believe they can co-exist. For awhile at least. I know the latter feelings will fade over time. The bottom line is my children-current and coming-are all a blessing to me!

I feel bigger than I would like to be in the belly, but I totally know that it is OK. I think I am OK with my weight right now. I don't ask when weighing at the doctor, but the numbers seem appropriate each month.

Right around Christmas, I finally broke down and pulled on an official pair of maternity pants. I was making due with my low-waist jeans and trusty rubber bands! Now, I am totally with maternity pants/jeans or elastic lounge pants. It makes breathing easier! I am not big on wearing clothing that is too big on me because I always feel that I look much bigger. I have some really cute maternity shirts waiting for me around Spring time, but for now I am sticking to double shirts that fit closer.

Eating has gone OK. I think I am being pretty good. Although this past week was about splurging on birthday cake from my daughter's birthday dinner! A chocolate chip cookie finds its way into my mouth from time to time as well! My cravings have been more about crunchy, salty, spicy, fruity. The last two weeks I loved eating avocados and cottage cheese. Fruit shakes are another way to satisfy my sweet craving and get lots of good things packed in!

Sleeping is not my favorite. I am so very tired of sleeping on my left side. Even with pillows strategically placed, I have had enough of it. I mean the wrinkle under my left eye is enough to have me sleeping in the recliner from now on! I have actually enjoyed a few nights in the recliner for that very reason.

I promised myself that I would not even think about what I need for the baby, any changes we need to make around the house, or baby names until January. I wanted to get through the holidays, as well as concentrate on only one gender of names!

Our needs are not great. I have several things from the other two-Moses basket, swing, pack and play, travel swing (love 'em!), toys. Boy clothes, shoes, blankets, bedding are abundant and ready since both boys are summer babies. I am sure I will sneak a few new cute things into the closet just because I don't want him to be a total hand-me-down kid!

I am sad that I got rid of the crib and changing table. Both were used and given to me and I had painted them to match the room. At the time, we had little storage room and another baby was much undecided so it made sense. It actually is OK because this house is much different in terms of space and storage is even more limited. The baby will house with us for at least 4-5 months anyway since both kids' rooms are upstairs. The boys will eventually room together, but I am not trusting the bigger one for night duty just yet! I am sad that he won't get his own special and carefully decorated room like the other two, but we will make due for now and make up for it later!

My only big needs right now are an infant car seat and a stroller. My sister has a bassinet that I think will work, but if not I am sure I can find one at a consignment sale. She also has the pump, but we are still figuring if our timing will work for that one. I have simple sling, but want to get another one or two good ones. I was never a sling person before but think it will be a perfect fit this time. I am not planning on wearing my baby all the time because I am big on lots of floor time from early on. But I bet slings will come in very handy since I will busy around the house and with activities for the two big kids! I am also looking into the variety of diapers, wipes, and bottles that are better for the baby. We are a disposable diaper and wipes family, but I would really like to try a few of the new cloth diapers and safer or homemade wipes around the house. I also want to make sure we have the safest bottles available this time for when Daddy or others are feeding him.

Storage is my other biggest issue at this point. I am going to have to come up with some creative storage since he will share our room downstairs for awhile. We are also going to need to work on the boy closet upstairs to make it work better for two!

Names are also in the works. I have a list posted on the fridge that I am adding to as I find ones I like. A few are left from the last time, but are still getting vetoed by the other half!

If you made it through this rambling post, this is where I am soliciting your help!! Yes, I am welcoming your advice!

I would love to know what baby products and brands you loved to use with your little ones. I have not had a baby in 5 years, so I know there is a lot of new stuff out there! Leave me a comment with one or several items! Or do you have a creative storage suggestion?!

And just for fun, do you have a boy name you like that you would be willing to donate to my list?



Someone Being Me said...

My poor new baby will be an all hand-me-down baby since I just went through all of this with Bear. You can get creative with storage in your bedroom with storage containers that slide under the bed or sleep the baby in a pack and play. With the bassinet part on top you can use the empty part underneath for storage. I still use Bear's pack and play all the time when we travel and when he was little we used it as a place to sleep, change, and let the baby play. Plus I just slide it under his crib when we aren't using it. The one we have is similar to this . Besides that I really loved having a swing. I bought that second hand.

Jennifer H. said...

I stayed with your post to the end! But, I have no name suggestions!! I'll have to get back with you on retreat weekend.

Danette said...

If I had another boy (which is out of the question!) I'd name him Holden. But I'm sure you have lots of great ideas.

Kimmy said...

I stayed to the end too. I love hearing all this stuff. As my last pregnancy and newborn was about 7 1/2 years ago, I can't say I've got a lot of current advice for you on baby items, but I do recall LOVING the Johnson & Johnson Bedtime Bath Wash and Lotion (in purple bottles) . . . it was so great I used to use it for myself as a bath foam for my own personal time in the bathtub. And my best friend made her own wipes--they worked great. Now for boy names . . . you've already used one of my favorite boy names for your second-born, but a few come to mind. Do you like traditional or trendy names? Do you have a letter or syllable preference? I'll throw some out there and believe me, no offense will be taken if you don't like them; Kieran, Jaxon, Kyle, Gavin, Tristan, Levi

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... so much to share! I wish we lived closer because I'll be ridding myself of all baby stuff (since I am 100% done)!

And since I'm sure I won't be using it, I'd be honored if you used either of my boy names... Isaac & Cash (we'd not decided which order in which to use them by the time we found out Bug was a girl!)

Kimmy said...

I thought of more names . . . Micah, Evan, Owen

Kimmy said...

Thanks for the e-mail about how all of the names need to "fit" together. Believe me, I know all about that and often wonder why more people don't take that into consideration when they name their children. Seriously, would you like the name Tim Timmerman? I know someone with that name and I think it's a kind of cruel thing to do to a child.

Cara said...

I know you'll see, but I"m going to reply to this on my blog. I was going to talk about my baby paraphernalia anyway :oP