Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Making of a Band

As I have mentioned several times, my son loves to sing loudly and play his guitar.

And thanks to my husband, he can even recognize a Rolling Stone song or two!

Over the weekend, my husband's friend stayed with us. My kids love "Coco" Long story short, when my daughter was 2 she loved Larry the Cucumber. Learning Larry's name meant she associated him to the cucumber version and somehow started calling him Coco. I am not really sure how she got to that, but it has stuck and now both my kids know him by that as well as his real name.

Coco enjoys playing the guitar. We have been telling little man that maybe he would restring and retune his guitar and teach him a few things. He had his guitar out and ready before Coco could get through the front door.

I just really enjoyed watching him watch Coco and talk to him about the guitar.

My little man can't wait to be in a rock band

Tuning and strumming

Little man kept glancing back and forth so he could play just like Coco

Sister got in on the action

We checked into lessons for the kids. I really want my daughter to learn piano, but space does not really allow for a standard piano. I guess I could check out some smaller versions. However, she informed me this weekend that she would like to learn guitar so we might go that route. My son will have to wait a bit longer for formal lessons, but he will be ready when his time arrives!

A rock star that can play sports! Oh my, I am going to have to fight off the women for him!



Kimmy said...

My boys have "kid" guitars too, and would love to take lessons, but living where we do (and not having to travel far to get to the city), I don't think it will happen due to lack of instructors around here.

Anonymous said...

You sure are!

We're getting Wog into guitar lessons as soon as he is old enough. We're thinking violin in the meantime, b/c they can start that very early!