Thursday, January 8, 2009

She's a beautiful thing!


I hope year number 7 brings many wonderful blessings for you!



Jenna said...

Happy Birthday! Such a cute picture.

Cyndy said...

Happy Birthday to a very special princess!!

Also congratulations on the little boy. I'm glad you have some time before he arrives to add up all the pros of having a boy this time around. I will tell you that I'm the only girl with three brothers, and I loved all the special attention of being the only girl. And I'm really glad I didn't have to share my mother/daughter bond with another sister! Guess that makes me a little selfish.

Anonymous said...! I cannot even fathom seven at this point. And I know it'll be here in no time! A. is beautiful... just like her mama!

Kimmy said...

Happy Birthday, A!

Stacey, I'm sorry you are having trouble with my blog e-mail. I'll give you mine and Wayne's personal e-mail instead, which is provided by our Internet service. I don't want to permanently connect it to my blog, but I don't mind giving it out to you.
Here it is: wkarendt "at"
You have to replace the "at" with the abbreviation "@"; I'm sure you already knew that, but I just thought I'd tell you.
Have a great day.

Loni said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!

Martie said...

Happy, happy birthday!!