Friday, January 9, 2009

What I would rather be doing for a living!

Last weekend, I got the chance to bestow a fun little gift to my girlfriends! I have a few more in the works and a few I still need to deliver!

I love to be creative, crafty, decorate, and sew.

Sadly, I have not found the time to really do so as much as I would like over the last year. I was hoping my new hobby space would provide that opportunity more often. The problem is I haven't really spent the time needed putting it into full working order. I want to be able to zip in, work, and zip out without too much shuffling of stuff. I could probably get it ready in a day.

I just need to find that day!

I have been inspired by many of my other crafty bloggy friends, but I probably got the most inspiration for these from Christy! You should really spend some time checking out all her creations or ideas. I hope I made her proud with mine!

These were super easy and less than $5 a piece! You should give it a try! I am thinking about prepping some early for teacher gifts in case I am having a baby or too bleary-eyed by the time end of school comes around in May!



Loni said...


Anonymous said...

I think our ipod playlists would be EXACTLY THE SAME. Every time I come over here, some song from my itunes collection is playing. :)

So you are one of "those crafty people." Oh, how I envy you. I went to a crafty blog the other day and felt sick from the tension in my head: do I feel amazed and impressed - or stressed and incompetent???? She blew me away. But it's like a train wreck, I keep going back. Eck.

VERY cute... anyone would love getting such a cutesie gift, I'm sure! I have a crafty friend, myself, and I can never bring myself to throw away any of her cards. They are just "SO LORI!!"

Enjoy cutting and pasting, my dear. Have a lovely weekend. :)


Jennifer H. said...

Yes, I love having such a crafty friend! I love my "j" frame! It is so cute!!